The Muller Report is Out! Big day for Trump. big day for the nation.

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Now this post may age very poorly, but nonetheless I need to note it for the record books.

Mueller Report Out, Trump seemingly vindicated from criminal wrongdoing

I will happily eat my words, No Collusion. Muller submitted his findings last week to attorney general William Barr, a figure with a good track record, great experience and seemingly sound integrity. Barr released a four page summation of the findings and it was presented to congress. The initial synopsis I'm getting is that since Robert Mueller deemed there no evidence Trump conspired with Russia to win the election, he couldn't be implicated in obstruction of justice. Makes sense to me, ethically he still fired Comey to hinder/stop the investigation, but that is not the point of this post or the report.

I have been watching the investigations into Trump closely for some time. The associates around him accused and admitting to crimes, along with the Trump tower meeting, along with Trumps propensity to lie and the shifting story from seemingly everyone in his administration led me to believe some significant legal peril lay at the end of the report. I withheld my complete judgment until the report was out, and I'm glad I did. I have some faith in Trump restored, some faith in our institutions restored and feel good nothing of notable substance was found.


I waited for my conclusive judgment because I firmly trusted Muller and his team. He has immense resources, immense scope and he will truly get the full picture. Then, as a lawyer and former F.B.I. agent he has the expertise, impartiality and experience to judge the information, make conclusions and recommend action more so then almost any law maker in the country. Anyone who didn't think Mueller wasn't right to run this probe and didn't do the best possible job given the circumstances is a little jaded in my opinion.


He still let criminals run his campaign, he still lies constantly, he still talks and acts at a third grade level, but he was right, no collusion and henceforth no obstruction. In some ways he's right about a witch hunt, except in a witch hunt there is no warranted evidence to conduct an investigation (some disagree with me on this), but I thought there was adequate evidence. Additionally, not have this probe would've led to other crimes going unpunished, and left questions and mystery go unanswered as to have democrats and republicans never able to agree on what happened. ( they still might never)

Russia may have wanted Trump to win, but that ain't no crime on Trumps part. Plenty of foreign powers want certain candidates to win, granted Russia took a active role in this, but that's a national security issue not a Trump one.

The Dems

I hope democrats can accept this report. I hope they fight to release more then the four page summation by William Barr. The report is absolutely massive and skimming it down to four pages doesn't suffice. Still, I hope the heed the special counsels conclusion. This means stopping additional house investigations. It's over, Robert Mueller had greater scope, access, expertise and resources then those investigations ever could. Had the report found something, then by all means keep going, but now it's just wasted resources and time.

I also have the feeling Pelosi knew or was tipped off somehow a week or so back when she said impeaching Trump "wasn't worth it". She wouldn't have said that unless she knew the report wouldn't find anything and didn't want to admit Trump did nothing wrong. Her statement still implies Trump did something wrong, while demeaning him and belittling him. Politically, Pelosi is a fucking hammer. She seems to get the upper hand on Trump at every turn. Still don't agree with her on things. I hope she also can get some of the other democrats from spouting off or pushing any false narratives in this. Good luck. Unfortunately no matter how the report turned out, one side was always going to be absolute babies about it. Right now it's the dems, but the Republicans have been discrediting Mueller and trying to undermine the investigation from the start, and now are all happy praising it. It all makes me sick to the core.

Hopefully we can finally move on and focus on getting a infrastructure deal in place.


Wonderful post on the results of the investigation. You are one of the few anti-Trumpers I can find that can look at this stuff objectively. My facebook wall is littered with liberals that, after two years of saying we need to let Mueller finish his report, are now saying his findings are not good enough! You are dreaming if you think democrats will let this go. They are going to run investigations until the 2020 election and the American people are going to hate them for it at levels not seen before. Trump with win 2020 in a landslide! You heard it here first. BTW how is the Bitcoin vending machine doing?

Thanks! Yah it's real sad that's what's going to happen. Idk how democrats can't see that most moderate and sane people don't want any more investigations, it is finished. He very well might win again, I heard it here first. This report along with Avenatii being charged with extortion, I think it makes a lot of people in the middle think.
Also it is doing well! We turned a very small profit this month, but that was much better then we thought! It's just been a fun experience and its just great I get to talk Bitcoin. Hopefully things keep looking up!

Trump will go down as one of the most effective presidents who has ever been in office. I voted for him because he said I was going to be tired of winning. Fact is he has fufulled his promise. Another win. The only Russian collusion was with Hillary R. Clinton.

We will see how history judges him. He says a lot of things, but saying and doing is immensely different. He always exaggerates, so I take a lot of his "winning" with a grain of salt. In some things, he has changed a lot, really moved things in a way (good or bad) that I don't think a lot of other people could do. And some things it's all talk, no show. He was right here though, that part for sure. No Hillary did not collude with the Russians, and no one should even care about her, she is irrelevant.

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