Mark Taylor's Trump Prophecy Updated

in #trump3 years ago

I remember hearing about Mark Taylor, and his amazing Trump Prophecy of 2011, way back in mid 2016. That was the time Donald Trump was in the middle of the Primary run off, and the simple thought of him becoming POTUS just seemed like an impossibility!

Watching the mainstream media lies going all the way up to the November 8, 2016 election date was a nerve racking experience! How could Mark Taylor's Prophecy predict such an outcome, when nearly every mainstream media political expert had Hillary Clinton booked in at a 99% certainty of becoming President of the United States of America?

That's all history now, but Mark Taylor continues to deliver updates on his amazing prophecy!

Here is the latest from Mark Taylor, and as always, it's truly riveting! Watch this one hour interview if you have the time to do so.

And below is a copy of the full Mark Taylor Trump Prophecy from 2011! Download it and share it!



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