The Election Was Fair

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The media has really trained the liberal democrats to hate Donald Trump and any of their supporters. I'm not saying Donald Trump is going to make a huge difference in our current system. I think we have already gone too far away from the founding principles of our country and it wouldn't be an easy task to reverse. When I find myself around liberals for things that have nothing to do with politics they always seem to fit Donald Trump being a bad president into the conversation. Personally I don't feel like he's any worse then previous presidents. He's following the same trend as every president before him. More regulations more spending and more wars.

Non Political Events

I went to a sales training for my job and for whatever reason decided to throw Donald Trump into the training and mention that he's a bad president. Maybe they should have mentioned him being one of the greatest salesman in history. Not only do I find this topic come up in everyday life, I find it come up with actors, comedians, singers and media. Dave Chappelle spent 40 minutes on the topic in his last Netflix stand up special. Eminem drew a line the sand with his fans saying they either with him or Trump. It's amazing how torn apart our country is and honestly I haven't noticed any difference in my life.


The Amazing President

These people act as if Obama was the best president and most honest person. The truth is all of these politicians lie and only follow their own agenda. People are so disillusioned on what is really going on. The only point I could really agree with from Dave Chappelle was that the bullshit is really what is keeping this system going. If all the lies came out to the public the system would fall apart. I'm amazed that people who could care less about politics are all of sudden these big activists.

He Can't Win

I do think it's funny all the people who said that there is no way that Donald Trump could win the election. Why couldn't he? The media planted that lie so much that people who listened to them actually started to believe it. It wasn't hard to think that Trump could win. People were frustrated with Obama and the state of the country. Trump was the only one who made his presence known. He spoke about how the media was corrupt and how politics in Washington DC were a mess. He said the things that most of the people wanted to hear. Also he was probably given the most attention in the media out of all the other candidates. I don't believe Donald Trump will make a difference in Washington, but the people that voted for him saw him as something different then what we were being presented with.

Not Smart Enough

The liberals made it seem as if only the dumb poor white people voted for him, but that's a stereotype. Intelligent people voted for Donald Trump as well as many rural areas of the country that were getting screwed by liberal ideologies. Also to make it seem as if Hillary Clinton is this amazing person next to Trump is ridiculous. Hillary Clinton is just as corrupt as the rest of them. Her campaign was garbage. Trump was running circles around her. He was doing multiple speeches a day while Hillary didn't even like her supporters or want to be around them.

All I Do Is Win

Even with all the hostility across the country about Trump, I bet he wins in 2020 if he runs again. People were upset that Trump won through the electoral college however so did all previous presidents. The point of the electoral college is so every state gets a voice in the election. If the election was done by popular vote then only a handful of states would decide who should be president. There's a reason that most of these liberal leaning states are also the ones in the most debt. Liberals should really take a look in the mirror and understand the monstrosity that they create.

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I completely agree, I posted about this same topic a few days ago if you are interested:

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Going with a straight popular vote in America would be disastrous. Right now a handful of large and early states have a disproportionate amount of power, but with the popular vote the big cities would have the numbers every time. If you ignore NY and CA Hillary lost the popular vote by 3 million votes.

There is a big movement right now called the National Popular Vote Compact that is trying to do an end-run around the Constitution by getting the Electoral College delegates to agree to vote for the popular vote winner regardless of how their state votes. They're almost 2/3 of the way to getting 270 delegates to do it. Connecticut just passed legislation to force it in their state.

If we lost the Electoral College will turn into Panem from the Hunger Games: