So Much Sadness Held Hostage In Cages!

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News anchor Rachel Maddow, breaks down in tears as she tries to read her lede on the heartbreaking issue of "tender age" shelters.

Her delivery to her viewers on Donald Trump's contentious immigration crackdown was cut short due to the heart wrenching details of his policy as well as the images that are now circling the globe. Maddow tries to fight back her tears, but to no avail her emotions took over her.

How can someone introduce such a story and not have some hurt in their voice? I have been trying to follow as much as I can and it is so sad that it has me almost in tears.

Hearing these young kids cry out for their mother, father, aunts, and siblings is agonizing and tragic. Putting these innocent kids in cages like animals or violent criminals is borderline savage to do.

After handing off the segment to a fellow anchor Lawrence O’Donnell, Maddow took to Twitter where she apologized for not being able to continue. She went on to say that it is part of her job to be able to read such things and report to the viewers, but that it was somewhat unbearable.

There are many non-profit organizations trying to fight against Trump's madness and help these poor little kids who did nothing to deserve this.


Donald certainly has to be a wonder of the world.....I can't stop wondering about his insanity,dark and twisted heart.God help America

those are what you call crocodile tears.

Looking at the border issue can be done from two perspectives, one emotional and the other logically. Emotionally it tears up anyone to hear a child cry, to even imagine a child crying from need for its loved one and protector. From a logical point of view children separated from loved ones by military service, long business trips, or due to felonious activity by a parent caught by law enforcement also cry for their loved ones. Historically open borders have been a disaster for any country that allows it. That's why all countries do not allow it. Looking at any issue using only logic or only emotion never yields a quality solution, nor does it provide a productive platform for discourse.