Build That Wall Mr. Trump!

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Ok, ok before you crazy liberals jump down my throat, hear me out.


I've been nearly three weeks in Mexico, traveling between San Diego, Tijuana, Mexicali, and the the Sea of Cortez (you gringos might know it as the gulf of California), and try though I might I can't seem to locate the invading hordes of rapists, gangsters, drug dealers, carriers of fatal diseases, etc., etc., Barf.

What I found instead were many families escaping terrible situations in search of a better life. And while many of us hem and haw over immigration laws, economic impact, social consequences, etc., it's really easy to forget the human beings that are suffering.

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If you've never seen your family murdered, tortured, raped, or exploited, you really have no idea what many of these folks are coming from.

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If you've never travelled outside the US I strongly encourage you to do so. And while you are on your plane/train/bus/auto/Moto/hammock read "The Open Veins of Latin America". Then read "Shock Doctrine" by Naomi Klein. You might see the invading brown horde in a completely different light.

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Total transparency y'all, I wrote this weeks ago and thought it was posted 😂😂😂