Enlightenment In A Rapidly Darkening World

in #truth3 years ago

Over the past 17 years my life has blossomed into a reality that I never dreamed possible in my younger years. Now is both the most rewarding, yet most challenging time of my life. The knowledge I have acquired over the past two decades has opened my eyes on so many levels it’s mind blowing at times. I see such potential as I look around each day in people that have no clue of this experience and the value each of us processes.
I used to vote and considered myself to be a good citizen. I believed y vote counted and that those we “elect” as our leaders truly cared about all of us, and worked hard to secure a better future for us all. Now I know that is all an illusion to keep us from uprising and standing for our Rights as human being and sovereign individuals. As I look around I feel bad for those that follow the lead and do not even know themselves, let alone what’s really happening to the whole of our species and all life on this planet.
There are great and brilliant teachers out there that have dedicated their lives to help others and work diligently to free our species from the mental and physical enslavement we’ve ignorantly fell into. Though I care and am thankful for these amazing human beings, few around me seem to care about anything besides themselves, their wants and material attainments. It actually sickens me to think about even as I type these words. We have fallen into and become such poverty, unlike the which I believe has ever been witnessed on this earth previously.
I strive each day of my life to only focus on solutions rather then probles themselves. This is no easy task in my opinion, but one I intend to master. Social conditioning has created a zombie of sorts out of most our species unfortunately, and as it has been said people don’t know what they don’t know. Sometimes it just feels good to get this stuff out me and free up space for more positive endevers.

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