True Fun: My Love is for Steem ecosystem (No way for Haters)

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Steem price ( including other top crypto´s) tanked drastically due to haters and fuders spreading lies and taking actions against Crypto´s which lead to some people who trade on emotions to sell off their hard earned steem.. In reality, those who take up the opportunity to buy the dip will make a lot of money in the short and long term.

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Haters will always hate: Central governments, banks , gold investors, some top technologists and some very rich investors are not happy with the way cryptocurrencies are empowering the common people hence they will always hate and spread bad news. It is , however, left for us to unite against their lies and continue our peaceful revolution because crypto´s are here to stay.

Do you agree? Send in your comments, resteem and upvote in order to send in your support.

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They will hate until they realize the potential of Steem

Hahahaha haters gonna hate indeed, no matter what. I also noticed how steem price and other top coins lost value due to Fud however in this situation we have to remove emotions and take it as an opportunity to buy more undervalued coins/ tokens like steem...Thanks for your post...upped, 100%

Good point, that is the secret to success in the crypto space ...including diversification


lol haters !!

Haters will always hate, its just what they do.
I have one rule in my life.
Get more haters.
If you don't have any hater,
you are not making progress.
Unleash your full potential,
or at least commit to achieving more,
and you will attract haters.
Having haters is a good thing...

Wow , you analysed it well

True, am also seeing an opportunity to buy some cheap steem.. Looks like it will be hard to get these opportunities in the coming months.
The speculations can be discouraging for some though.

Yes I agree with is indeed an opportunity to get some cheap steem...more success to you

i agree with you @charles1 yeah you right haters will always hate in future all cryptocurriences touch the sky

Point, thanks for your comment

its my pleasure :)

Most in the markets simply follow the herd. When things are falling, they join in the party of FUD and dump it all. The mindset of the average market participant, in all the different markets, reveals this.

Why should crypto be any different? People see the price tank and they pull the rip cord not realizing that there will be a day when the bear goes back into hibernation.

Crypto is so volatile, good projects should be HODLed. STEEM, in my view, is at the top of the food chain.

Ignore price action, look at the development...that tells the true story.

Wow, you analysed it well...moreover the fuders and dumpers are the reason why we can make more money by buying low and HODL

Better impossible haha, the worst thing here is that men join more to share the same hatred that same love. To hate someone is to attach too much importance. I ask that they judge me for the enemies that I have done. you.

Can you elaborate with regard to the post?

did you read the post I don't understand this fun dear

did you read the post. I don't understand this fun dear

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So much hate! haha great post!

Steemit is here to stay... Leave this haters alone

I don't understand this fun.

Open your eyes and you will see

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LOL You are right!

That's how market plays and ask people to fall for it. The capitalist scores high in this situation. I think it's best time to buy Steem.

Ignore price action, look at the development...that tells the true story.> dear

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