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RE: Let's Raise a Glass of Tears to the Future

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Have you ever thought about taking another younger male under your wings? What can you teach him, what can you give him from your heart? Do you have skills which you admire in other men? When you are finding the courage in you to confront your gender with what you think is right there lies the potential of empowerment.

Seek for just one person in your life you want to give what you got from others and that might change already the world for you. It's also a test if you can find that strength in yourself, the bravery to be a leader and a teacher.


That's an awfully bigger responsibility than most seem to realise. In truth I don't think I'll be ready to be such a huge influence on someone else's life for at least another few decades.

that's a very honest answer, thank you.
Maybe my suggestion sounds bigger than it indeed is. How old are you, may I ask?
The person and the task should start out easy. Once you can get easy things done (with a boy from the neighborhood or the family or a volunteer in a company you work for) and you experience that a younger one learns from you the more difficult things in leading and teaching will follow naturally.

I talk from experience and got always much joy of teaching the youngsters or beginners. It is a lot of fun, too. Don't forget that.

All the best for you.