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[Example of worthless writing intended to blind, distract and pacify. ]

Non-exclusive Yet Still Very large list of Reputable Sources, Individuals and Organization

note: This will not be monetized as the people who create these shows and sites are the ones who have done all the work for this post, I am just curating here. If you are going to upvote something, please upvote Privacy Workshop. Resteem the heck out of this though. And Privacy Workshop. Thanks. (btw if you say 'cool post' but don't resteem, I simply don't believe you.)

(also, if you just want to go to the BONUS section and get your Entire World View Rocked, go right ahead but if you do, and I deliver, then you are obligated to the read the rest of the article because that means I must know quite a bit about the world that you don't and that should scare you. Because I openly admit, I hardly know anything. :) lol But I do know some things and I know those things well. So accept my challenge or run away in fear, you're call.)

"Please, do not be someone who is allowed to think because they do not know how." - Me (addressing Operators and potential Operators, including Agents.)

(btw you do know that to be an fbi(tm)(sic) or cia(tm)(sic) Agent the main thing they are looking for in your application is a near complete ignorance of American history, right?)

The Truth Never nooz has become so horrendous that watching it for any length of time is a threat to any individual Operator or group of Operators' ability to think, reason, act and exist in a healthy group of humans. There is vast evidence that the mass media news has nothing to do with journalism, reality, or the Truth Now. The commercial interruptions and the bizarro introductory segments are clearly, obviously designed as a form of mind control, to create forms that intentionally disintegrate the human mind. As there is no healthy dose of poison or brainwashing, it is my firm admonition to everyone who reads this to take an Absolute Zero policy to watching Fox Nooz, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and ABC.

If you are in a room and someone has these channels on, ask to have them turned off and when you do so, take a tone of voice like one might take to requesting a venomous snake or large python be put back in its cage and removed to its basement lair.

You can simply not pursue the Truth Now with any actual conviction if you have not reached the point where you are committed to protecting your mind, and the minds of others, from Utter Bullshit. The aim of an Operator should be to delegitimize and warn people away from fountains of lies with every step you take.

What they are doing is not ok, it is not cool because they are getting rich doing it. It is not a necessary evil, it is just Evil. They know what they are doing and it is sick and predatory. As stated in previous Privacy Workshop #4 I believe, both Thomas Jefferson and I have a zero tolerance policy for anyone tyrannizing human minds, and so should you. You will be able to tell how friendly someone is to Agents and Tyranny by how they respond to the brainwashing of a CNN-ish channel on in the background.

You will notice your friends drop silent and turn their heads toward it, their sentences will slow down, they will get a distant, dizzy, watery look in their eyes, they will forget whatever they were thinking about as they are hypnotized into whatever story the talking head is spouting, then drop into some false dichotomy and take the side they are well-expected to take and line up as if on a football team against the opposing side they are designed to stand against, like metal shards being moved by a magnet under the table.

Further, and this is an important, shattering truth and when you read this next sentence I want you to imagine me, @mindhawk, with a giant sledge hammer jumping down off a 20 story roof, slamming the concrete such that stone, dirt and steel fly in all directions as you are barely able to maintain your footing:


Next, I slam my hammer down on a Hummer parked nearby, crushing it, tires exploding, glass shattering, and it bursts into flame:


and as a wall of talking heads in dtube frames emerges from the crater, babbling and yammering about me being idk rude to them and hurting their feelings, lightning shoots from my fingers and all of their little cubes go blank:


Then I hold my hands up to the sky and a vast cloud forms over my head and I shoot deep golden rays of knowledge from my eyes as I say:


I dare anyone to find any dtube/ipfs/bootbube talking head posting that has anywhere near as much information as any single one of my blog posts, go ahead try. (No frickin buffering on anything I have posted either, and the amount of data my mountain of writing takes up is probably less than any single video, with my dank memes maybe two.)

It has been said that for real change, that we normal humans have to become the media, and ourselves replace the lack of Truth Now with our own work. This is much of the spirit behind Privacy Workshop as well as all of the wonderful people working hard to bring the actual facts of the world out of the darkness and into the light.

I have never met any of the people who make these shows I will list below nor would I recognize many of them on the street, but I love them. They have helped me and I will never forget it and if they were in trouble I would come to their aid to the extent it was in my power.

FWIW, I am not really a journalist, I am not trying to be and I'm not particularly well cut out for it. However, when the alleged journalists aren't doing their job, I will step in from time to time as a Gonzo Investigator.

(For those unfamiliar with the term, Gonzo journalism or investigation just means a person goes to the actual place, sees for themselves and then writes about it in as entertaining a way as possible(to you the writer, primarily), as Hunter S. Thompson went to the motorcyle race in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, or to the Republican National Convention in Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72,' or joined the Hell's Angels, etc. etc. David Foster Wallace's A Supposdely Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again is Gonzo Journalism. Anyone can be a gonzo journalist, all you have to be able to do is write down exactly what you see with your own eyes and say what you actually think about it. It's really just writing, but in a way focused on describing reality in a time when no one else has the guts to.

The powers that be hate gonzo journalism, it is why they need a veritable army to keep any actual citizenry who don't have a billion dollars out of the Bilderburger group meetings. (well that and all the people there would assassinate each other if were ever to be even slightly convenient lol))

It is my testimony to you and the blockchain and the rest of human history that the following sources and individuals have decided, as I have, to take the side of Truth Now against the forces of Truth Never.

(note: if you want to learn the actual information by multiple listenings and to be able to create your own archive of Truth, then downloading the mp3's is the way to go. Put them on thumbdrives and listen to them on drives, or better yet, on a sandisk mp3 player and listen to them on public transportation, turn your otherwise lost and wasted time into Knowledge. Also, although most of these shows are suitable for bedtime and you can easily sleep through them as often I do lol, it is perhaps appropriate in many cases to be very aware and on your toes, as you are when you are out and about, in order to inform yourself of the facts you need to know to keep your freedom and get more of it in a way your mind has the best chance of remembering it. Archive and share with your friends whichever ones have the most important facts which are most suppressed in mass media channels. There is no guarantee that these cornerstones of verifiable history will be available perpeturally, there are forces at work that want to see all Truth removed from the internet.)

Let's begin. [the most regularly updated Actual News aggregator, free in every way, thousands of mp3's to download with dozens of radio-ready journalism and opinion. Bookmark this site, check it every day, donate to them. Other sources that can be found here will have a R4A tag next to their listing below. It would be a truly, truly dark day for humanity if this site ever went offline. Give them money.) (This site is unfortunately offline at the moment....odd. But it is just run by one person in bangledesh, it has gone down before. Illustrating the importance of archiving. I personally have hundreds of these episodes in my own collection that I curate.)

In the meantime: and enter 'unwelcome guests' and you can access the episodes still. (illustrating yet more the value of R4A. )

[Unwelcome Guests is the largest trove of deep state knowledge on the internet available to civilians in mp3 form. From hundreds of sources and real experts and people who have Sacrificed for the Truth Now against the global forces of mendacity, lies and idiocy. All of the facts of 9/11 can be found here, all of the facts of GMO's can be found here, all of the facts of global climate change can be found here, all of the foul history of the CIA and FBI can be found here. John Taylor Gatto's speeches can be found here. As with R4A, if this were ever lost it would be a dark day, download and archive as many of these as you can. Lynn Gerry and Robin Upton are heroes of mine, I wish I could meet them and thank them. I would list my favorites but it would simply take too much space here and that is out of the context of this post. The Truth can be found at this site, the deepest truths that are truly, truly suppressed. This is truly, truly a red pill site and collection. Lynn's early episode about the comparison to the matrix is a must-listen, ill link it at the end of this post in the bonus section.] [some of the most organized and official anarcho-syndicalists out there. Weekly 30 minute show with interviews of people who actually understand the world and who dissect how the Truth Never mass media manipulates everything. Learning how they are trying to manipulate the Truth actually reveals many, many truths about what the people who run the Truth Never movement really believe. Hundreds of shows on hundreds of topics, mp3 downloads for free. I love these people. Janine and Jeff and friends, never stop what you are doing.]

Between the Lines(R4A) [Another excellent analysis show where actual journalists shred stupidity broadcast by the Truth Never media.]

This Week in Palestine(R4A) [Dozens of long informative shows by different presenters every week and these people are actually knowledgeable about the middle-east(sic), frequently revealing that what you find on the mass media is as one should by now expect, completely manipulative. Indispensible show. It will make you angry what they are withholding from you, especially about the history of Israel and the current state of Palestinians in their giant concentration camp, tragically and ironically designed and operated by Holocaust survivors and their immediate descendants.] [The actual journalist Russ Baker's site. Russ Baker is one of my heroes, he has red-pilled everyone with his book about the Bush family(sic)(tm) called 'Family of Secrets.' His boston bombing reporting is the best that there is, and he proves that the entire event was a sham that framed the two brothers. He writes much about JFK Truth, things you can't find anywhere else. Mp3's available for download. Much love to Russ, never stop!] [note about WWW, this is also an example of a website design that is run by actual humans. compare it to yournewswire or disobedient media, notice how it has lots of real verifiable people and ways to contact, and a real story behind it. Barrett Brown now writes and posts his MP3 Interview show here as well, increasing its value exponentially.] [Bonnie Faulker's show out of Berkley has dozens of informative podcasts going back many years, some of my favorite most informative podcasts of all times. Some of them I find not as great, as with the public radio fundraising ones, or some topics I'm not very interested in, but some of these shows are astoundingly informative. Especially on election theft in the United States and Ole Dammegards analysis of the Breitvik shooting, which should chill you to the bone. Here be dragons.] [Crimethinc Ex-Workers Collective podcast is a long, involved show that is actually lively and fun. If you don't ever get to talk with other anarchists for whatever reason, or you are more curious about anarchy and what it's like to be an anarchist, just listen and you'll see. Also, if you find some other organization that claims to be anarchist and they say and do things that Clara and Alanis might disapprove of, then there is a good chance that this other organization is not what they say they are(looking right at you (@dbroze). Crimethinc has changed my life, as noted in my 5 book suggesetions post from a while back. Read Days of War Nights of Love, one of the best books ever written for humans.]

9/11 Wake-Up Call(R4A) [At least a few hundred shows, all of the truth of 9/11 that they are not allowed to speak on the Truth Never mass media. Audio from the boobtube series "9/11 The New Pearl Harbor" and dozens of researchers, historians and scientists who are sacrificing a lot to be part of the 9/11 Truth Now movement. Other false flags and police state developments are discussed. Kevin Zeese's recent left forum talk about infiltration will be linked in the Bonus section, and Cheryl is the only one who saw fit to post this critical set of information online.] [Formerly Ramparts magazine, correct me if I'm wrong. This is one of the oldest traditions of Truth Now in the united states and their articles and podcasts are wonderful. Two of the most reputable journalist/thinkers in the world, and best writers, are Chris Hedges and Robert Scheer, and their work can be found here, a strong testament to the power and vitality of this site and the people who Operate it.]

Taylor Report(R4A) [Mr. Taylor is simply a reasonable person I enjoy listen to talk about things. His show is regular and he interviews knowledgeable people.]

Latin Waves(R4A) [A very informative and heart-felt show about current events in Central and South America.]

Unusual Sources(R4A) [Every show is different but frequently these are long talks by well-informed people.]

Global Research News Hour(R4A) [I'm going to put this one on here even though I sometimes detect an odd pro-russia slant. This show is however frequently informative and well produced.]

This is enough for now.

I hold and assert that you can get more from 5 minutes of ANY of these shows than you can get from any arbitrary hour long segment of televised Nooz.

Don't take my word for it, see for yourself. (I don't mean watching an hour of tv nooz ffs lol, I wouldn't suggest anyone do that any more than I'd suggest putting battery acid up your nose while doing a headstand!)

I am very serious about the danger and mental harm done to anyone, especially you, by watching the Truth Never media. I have studied and analyzed those forms of media ever since they started to go insane when the laws changed regarding the fairness doctrine in the 90's and now that it's legal for the american government to create propaganda for its own citizens(thanks obama), you are putting yourself in actual danger by consuming such pernicious media.


Prepare to have your mind blown. You need to know these things and literally, actually, billions of dollars have been spent to keep you from knowing them.

My gift to you and humanity and the blockchain:

Unwelcome Guests Matrix Episode

Police State Infiltration in the USA 2017:

Election Theft in the USA(and not the russia or fusion gps stuff, the stuff that that stuff is trying to distract you from.)

Breitvik Shooting and Bosting bombing(some real WTF)

White helmets kidnapping busloads of children in Syria, like really WTF!!!!????:

Actual history of Israel (Allison Weir and Tom Suarez are legit, these are real people, real historians, not propagandists. These are in depth historical talks. Strap in, if you're an American and don't like giving billions of dollars of free guns to israel while our veterans starve and blow their brains out, rage is appropriate)

Actual history of the Assasination of MLK(rage is appropriate)

Actual history of the Assasination of JFK
(note: tons of the actual history of the JFK and MLK and RFK assassinations can be found in Guns and Butter, this is just scratching the surface. You will never hear the phrase 'conspiracy theorist' the same way again, it is the largest social mind control operation in the history of the world. RAGE.)

Unwelcome Guests Recent Episode of cop testifying that underage prostitution has been legalized for wealthy people in London. WTFWTFWTF!?!?!?!?
(since is down at the moment, you can get it here:

fwiw, I'd like to tack the writer Matt Taibbi's work onto this list. Love that guy, read everything he writes.

Not going to post my donation links here, you can find them in Privacy Workshop if you feel so inclined, but this post is for the Truth Now, which as I see it transcends anything that I do personally and in this case. Take a step back and look at the thousands of people who have created this media at great risk and little or no of compensation for themselves, then perhaps wonder what you could do to make your contribution, something that would help them and let them know that they aren't just shouting in the void, that their words echo and resonate, and bring action and change, so we can stand against the present mendacious tyrannies that endanger all of us, and all the future generations of our species.

Truth Now links and Privacy Workshop links comprise the sources of knowledge you will need to have, and become accustomed to so that you can have the best chance of discerning things you encounter that are fake, mendacious, disinformation or in any other way not authentic and intended to deceive. Most people, Americans especially, live in a fast olympic sized swimming pool of lies, (not unlike the green diving pool at the Brazilian olympics lol)

Much like someone dropping clear water into a murky pool, such people won't easily recognize truth when they see it. When, however, you have built a world view out of sources like these as I have, even the tiniest drop of bullshit floats on the surface like a foul turd(Caddyshack anyone?) People in the murky pool might say things like 'oh well, of course this is just a bunch of lies, I'm going to watch the show anyway.'

This is, btw, why it is sick-headed to watch 'professional wrestling', enter the lotto or go to casino's, because all of these things are based on lies and surrounded in lies and only intend to mislead. People who understand the dire nature of the state of the world do not have time to bumble around in fake shit of any kind.

I would like to request that people not seek to add other links to posts in comments below. There are too many people on steemit as of this time that I do not trust and who would seek to muddy the water. This is a complete listing until such a time as Truth Now #2. Make your own post on your own blog about your own favorite sources if you'd like to.

You can, however ask me what I think about a person or news source, and I will tell you, as I have in other posts in my blog been clear about other sources that I find to be deceptive. And yes, if you are being manipulative and deceptive, I will not be nice to you. I am not a particularly nice person. I am in more the side of things that I do not abide lies and tricks, and I hold myself to no obligation to be polite to people who refuse dialogue and pursue obviously manipulative agendas.

"By their fruits, ye shall know them."" -obvious statement of metaphorical wisdom attributed to an ancient religious leader who was killed for no good reason by liars so that they could more easily continue with their lies.

Which is to say, all of these sources of people can be contacted and questions can be asked of them without them calling you names, evading every topic of significance and acting like children.