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RE: Let's Raise a Glass of Tears to the Future

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S.o.S. -You have done us well as a herald of what may be with the conviction of a poet, a psychologist, and futurist combined. It was once thought during the Renaissance of Europe that "future man" will be wiser, more spiritual, and closer to God.. These days, it's simpler to think of a future with genetic manipulation, AI androids, and (of course) flying cars everywhere, like the jetsons. *Will it take an AI Watson, (improved) Siri, or "Cortana" with the ability to continually grow and advance to be a medium to finally show humanity the error of it's ways.. at the granular level of the individual? Wasn't that what we expected our parents to guide us in, or (really) any member of society with whom we may feel a trusting bond due to our social circumstances? We have already become very "atomized" I believe the term is. When individuals are divided... guess what? They know less, putting them at a disadvantage, and can easily be exploited... Divide and conquer. But... phenomenal movements can be grown from Social Media, as has been demonstrated in the news over the last decade or so. The challenge, as this writer has deeply illustrated, is to connect the virtual with the real.. so let us "Be more Real" and find more opportunities to be present for physical people in out society. And in the words of Wyld Stallion, let us "Be Excellent to One Another". -If only a rockin' soundtrack could put our world back into alignment... This is a time when exponential, networked progress is underway. Walls can come down when people see their common goals, and then anything is possible.


You really are correct. It can all be reduced down to divide and conquer. And I believe the purpose of that division is to make us forget how much we love one another - as gay as that might sound.