Let's Raise a Glass of Tears to the Future

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Lately I've found myself pondering the question; what makes a man a man? The curiosity was most likely prompted by the fact that I have been brought to tears more times in the past six months than in the thirty years prior. Society would certainly have me - and you - believe that this means I'm not a real man, but an honest self-analysis has revealed otherwise.

I do not weep because I've yet to evolve from a boy to a man. I do so because to step into one's manhood and accept the responsibility that comes with it, is to realise just how far short of fulfilling those responsibilities we have fallen, and also to become aware of the suffering others will experience because we have not done all that we know ourselves to be capable of.

Empathy and foresight makes for quite the cocktail, but clearly one that was intended for a better world than ours. I say this because it is the loneliness that is to be felt by beings who do not yet exist that is the source of my recent sadness. I've felt what life feels like for a human being living half a century in the future, and I recognize that their pain is our fault.

Sure, many might suggest that I am simply paranoid, and that I'm imagining a dystopian future that has never been intended, and will never come to pass. But to any who think that, I would suggest that you simply take an honest and diligent look at the last couple of decades.

You needn't be a conspiracy theorist to observe the effects that technology has had on humans. We rely on our phones or computers to remember things for us now, and our memories suffer because of it. Predictive algorithms have allowed us to block out the things we disagree with, and now people cannot endure a conversation with someone who holds a differing opinion without getting emotionally distressed. We've even allowed the simplicity of dating apps such as tinder to negate the need for us to do any of the hard work ourselves, and so now half the men out there can't even strike up a conversation with a woman without breaking into a sweat. The "gamifcation" of every new piece of technology doesn't help either.

Every step towards technology has proven to be an equally measured step away from one another. So how can we deny any longer what blockchain technology will do to us? What will happen when we embrace and integrate into society a technology that negates the very necessity for us to establish a rapport with one another? When we don't need trust anymore, why would we seek to build it? The obvious answer is; the overwhelming majority of us won't.

You might think that such trust between humans would develop as a natural byproduct of participating in a community, but you'd be making the mistake of thinking that the communities of the future will look anything like the communities of today. The parameters that define a community are changing very quickly. Steemit's answer to this ought to show us that in the future, our people won't be those who live in close proximity to us. Our sense of community will survive only within the bounds of the internet - a people truly divided.

The internet was once utilised as a tool for informing oneself, so that they might then walk out into the world knowing a little more, and being a little more than they had been beforehand. Now, however, reality is used as a tool for one to gather content they can share when they step into the digital world, so that they might get more followers, earn more money, or get more likes from their "friends." Stranger danger is evolving into nefarious neighbors as vigilante paedophile hunters uncover and expose all the sick bastards who live just around the corner from us. Even the average idiot is now learning not to trust the police finally, so who will our descendants have to turn to after a few more decades of technology?

For one living in the future, their neighbours are going to be terrorists, rapists, or murderers. Those lonely bastards are going to be so disconnected from one another, that if the internet were to go off and severe their only connection to community - even for a few minutes - a good portion of them would be dead by their own hand by the time it was working again.

Perhaps you think I am joking, but I am certainly not. I know they shall feel this, because I have felt it too. But they shall feel it only if we allow such a world to exist. It's easy for us to say to ourselves that we're not at fault, because we haven't actively sought to construct such a future for them - but that'd be bullshit. What makes a man a man - and what makes an adult an adult - is understanding and accepting that the responsibility does indeed lie at our feet.

It's time to stop being so polite. We teach our children to respect their elders, even though one look around reveals the very simple truth that our elders did not do enough. Perhaps we can buy ourselves some escape from self-judgement by telling ourselves they did everything they could, because then when we don't do enough, we can just pretend to ourselves that we also did "what we could." Again though, this is bullshit. I know how powerful each and every one of us can be. If we want a different future for ourselves and our descendants, it is not beyond our power to seize it. I once believed that it was greed and envy that prevented us from putting this septic society out of its misery. Now I realise that it's just fear of failure.

These cunts have somehow managed to convince you that you're weak. But if you were so weak, why would they need to control you with money, drugs, insecurity, propaganda, water, food, weather, WIFI and a million other things? Why do you think they need to assault your mind and your body with so many creative types of poisons? The answer should be evident.

We are far more powerful than we could ever come to understand or to realise.

I cry because I see us running full speed towards a world I know not to be inevitable. I suffer because I have to, and because I could never draw the inspiration I need to do what I must do, without first acknowledging the potential for suffering begotten by my repeated inaction.

Perhaps we should all cry for the worst possible future we're capable of imagining. But let us hold a glass under our cheeks while we shed a tear for the billions we've tried so hard to forget, and let us toast to the alternative future that only we possess the power to create.

Then let's create it.


S.o.S. -You have done us well as a herald of what may be with the conviction of a poet, a psychologist, and futurist combined. It was once thought during the Renaissance of Europe that "future man" will be wiser, more spiritual, and closer to God.. These days, it's simpler to think of a future with genetic manipulation, AI androids, and (of course) flying cars everywhere, like the jetsons. *Will it take an AI Watson, (improved) Siri, or "Cortana" with the ability to continually grow and advance to be a medium to finally show humanity the error of it's ways.. at the granular level of the individual? Wasn't that what we expected our parents to guide us in, or (really) any member of society with whom we may feel a trusting bond due to our social circumstances? We have already become very "atomized" I believe the term is. When individuals are divided... guess what? They know less, putting them at a disadvantage, and can easily be exploited... Divide and conquer. But... phenomenal movements can be grown from Social Media, as has been demonstrated in the news over the last decade or so. The challenge, as this writer has deeply illustrated, is to connect the virtual with the real.. so let us "Be more Real" and find more opportunities to be present for physical people in out society. And in the words of Wyld Stallion, let us "Be Excellent to One Another". -If only a rockin' soundtrack could put our world back into alignment... This is a time when exponential, networked progress is underway. Walls can come down when people see their common goals, and then anything is possible.

You really are correct. It can all be reduced down to divide and conquer. And I believe the purpose of that division is to make us forget how much we love one another - as gay as that might sound.

Very well done. Bravo. Resteemed.

I'm not sure that things are getting worse because of technology. Our illusions of "community" are being broken apart and what was covered over before is being exposed. All the points you lament are depravities that only the upper classes were able to enjoy in the past: the gaming of everything, paying big bucks for educations and then lording your "knowledge" over others, treating significant others like prostitutes or gigalos, pretending there is a common "trust" when you are really exploiting trust for personal gain, etc., etc..

Technology can be overwhelming but at the same time it is very enlightening.

I do agree that technology can be very useful for us. I just mean to highlight that it's also far more dangerous than we acknowledge, and that our most dangerous iteration of technology is being embraced this very moment.

Have you ever thought about taking another younger male under your wings? What can you teach him, what can you give him from your heart? Do you have skills which you admire in other men? When you are finding the courage in you to confront your gender with what you think is right there lies the potential of empowerment.

Seek for just one person in your life you want to give what you got from others and that might change already the world for you. It's also a test if you can find that strength in yourself, the bravery to be a leader and a teacher.

That's an awfully bigger responsibility than most seem to realise. In truth I don't think I'll be ready to be such a huge influence on someone else's life for at least another few decades.

that's a very honest answer, thank you.
Maybe my suggestion sounds bigger than it indeed is. How old are you, may I ask?
The person and the task should start out easy. Once you can get easy things done (with a boy from the neighborhood or the family or a volunteer in a company you work for) and you experience that a younger one learns from you the more difficult things in leading and teaching will follow naturally.

I talk from experience and got always much joy of teaching the youngsters or beginners. It is a lot of fun, too. Don't forget that.

All the best for you.

All I can say is...this is the realest thing I've read in a long time! We all need to understand that each step forward can and will determine everything in the future. Maybe not just understand it but act on it. Let's create a better tomorrow!

I think that's the stupidest thing - the idea that a man can't cry because that shows weakness. I think it shows great strength. Thing is , many are brainwashed into believing this junk - you meet men who don't cry and are proud of it.

This is an excellent post, but this future of which you speak will, I'm afraid, become reality. Because all these technological aids, all these things that are impairing us give us the illusion of safety and comfort and we're very reticent to break away from that.

We are far more powerful than we could ever come to understand or to realise.


Yes, but security is a lie. You can never truly possess it, so it's all a big con.

Thanks for the compliment-

I also pasted this on the #informationwar discord server in several places and recommended people read it.

Thanks a lot for the share. I did feel that this one deserved to be read by more people. I am surprised you managed to find it after a few days though, but glad you did-

Yeah it was in my feed and caught my attention this morning. Consider it luck. Feeds are so saturated it can be easy to miss things.

Really enjoyed reading that. Thanks. Resteemed

The "wisdom of the elders" was handed over to the government by the wise children of the 60's. Bush 2, clinton, obama, trump, children of the 60's. Need I say more? What happened to the save the world, free love, peace and happiness, flower power? Some of it is trying to come back, but I think it is to late. The "real children" of the 60's have fallen asleep, and now they can no longer get out of their easy chairs.

I will add that I believe the bulk of the problems you describe with technology are not the only outcome that can occur.

I actually think most of the problems are due to the education systems and how they've been infiltrated by social marxist, and how they were increasingly removing encouragement for people to think for themselves before the Marxism even invaded. They want them to believe what they are told, repeat what they were told from memory, and not to question or challenge "authority".

They are increasingly passing laws to remove responsibility from people. They are inventing things like "safe spaces" to try to protect people from reality, and then teaching them terms like micro-aggressions so they then go out of their way to find anything that might offend them. This leaves them viewing themselves as a victim at all times.

The media and its massive propaganda schemes just reinforce all of this.

Well, when it is said that men don't cry, it is not a literal phrase, it is a metaphor that means that a man should not cry, because he is surrendering and lamenting, but on the contrary he must act to change things. It is a matter of strength.

I think we can obviously change the course of the world, because there is no such thing as a fate that guides us, but we direct the world to where we want it to go, and during the last decades we have been irresponsible to preoccupy ourselves only with the comfort and conformity, and immediate benefit, without ever thinking about the future, and where we are heading. We have reached a point where we have lost control and where we only expect things to happen, feeling unable to change things.

I am optimistic about the future, because I believe that nature can't be changed, because we are part of it, and we are in tune with it, and counteracting it will only harm us. Humans are by nature social beings, and any attempt to avoid this will only hinder the process a bit, but ultimately fail.

Sooner or later, be this generation or the other, things will change. Think that there are 7,000 million people in the world, if you think that way, it is very likely that millions of others, even tens or hundreds of millions, will think in the same way, and when many people are dissatisfied, it is only a matter of time for a change to be made.

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