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RE: Let's Raise a Glass of Tears to the Future

in #truth4 years ago

I'm not sure that things are getting worse because of technology. Our illusions of "community" are being broken apart and what was covered over before is being exposed. All the points you lament are depravities that only the upper classes were able to enjoy in the past: the gaming of everything, paying big bucks for educations and then lording your "knowledge" over others, treating significant others like prostitutes or gigalos, pretending there is a common "trust" when you are really exploiting trust for personal gain, etc., etc..

Technology can be overwhelming but at the same time it is very enlightening.


I do agree that technology can be very useful for us. I just mean to highlight that it's also far more dangerous than we acknowledge, and that our most dangerous iteration of technology is being embraced this very moment.