Welcome #JTS/TRON Community to our new STEEMIT account!

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#JTS is excited to welcome #STEEMIT to the #TRON ecosystem. Together we can do great things!

Just a bit about us. My name is John and me and my wife Trina started investing in #crypto a few years ago. Along the journey we found #TRON and I guess you can say we never looked back. We initially struggled to find accurate and safe information. Being new and inexperienced we met our share of scammers and unsavory characters along the way and yes we lost a bunch.
JTS was formed out of necessity and as a safe and fun place to learn, share and experience #crypto together. While #TRON may be our first love we also share news and experiences for all industries and blockchains. We are not experts and we don’t pretend to be. We have a great group of administrators, all of which bring something different to the group. We all have different backgrounds, experiences and languages. This allows our group to rock 24/7!

Feel free to drop in and join us on the following platforms.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tron_squad
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jtstronsquad/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCed7Ucge_aikQ_gjfLDbFPQ/
Dlive (up and running soon): https://dlive.tv/JTS_Official_Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much_ Helen Keller.png


We #JTS JOHN TRON SQUAD global family working hard 24/7 , we always share , experience , help , lifting each other unconditionally , keep community safe and safu by sharing & updating knowledge at every time

Hi akbcrypto! Hey guys this is one of our fabulous admins!!!!

Welcome to Steemit.com ...Great to see more #JTS people over here each day.

Hopefully this partnership would be beneficial to both communities.
I don't know about Tron community but I do know that the Steem community is working hard to keep this thriving and we expect nothing less from the newbies.
Let's work hard together!
Welcome! <3

welcome to Steem blockchain
we will find many things here and use many dapps provided.
i suggest to install eSteem which founded by @good-karma, @esteemapp.

Thank you for the warm welcome and advice. Glad to be here and I'm sure we'll need lots of guidance from the Steemit community.

my pleasure. You will find many excitement in this community.

My pleasure. You will
Find many excitement in
This community.

                 - rokhani

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Awesome! We were looking for Tronians in discords, telegrams and everywhere else! I'm glad you are spearheading bring the Tronians over to Steem!

If you need any help we have a big group of Steemians that hang out here in discord and I can help with any questions you might have I'm Steemitqa on discord there.

I have a confession to make . I've kidnapped 5 Tronians from your discords and they are enjoying their time with us! lol :)

Welcome aboard!

I've delegated you 50 Steem Power so you can operate easier at the start.

This will allow you to respond to comments etc.

If you have any questions or need any help, you can find me on Twitter (@Pennsif) or on Discord (Pennsif#9921).

Thank you so much. I'm sure we may need to reach out at some point for advice ;)

Welcome to STEEM! As the other folks commenting have mentioned Steem is a blockchain full of all types of opportunities. We have games, we have different tribes and communities, we have music, we have 3Speak, VIMM, and DTube and all of it decentralized.

We are very excited to have you join us. I am going to match @pennsif's delegation with an additional 50 SP to assist you on your STEEM journey.

Thanks so much. Happy to be here and ready to explore all that steem has to offer. Cheers.

Welcome to the foraging world here on steem John, enjoy our platform, nice to see you from Central America.

Cheers from Canada!

Welcome! If you wanna enjoy a lot of sites safely, install Keychain - This is a great way to be safe and is provided by our top witness @yabapmatt and @aggroed coded by @stoodkev :'D

Thanks for the advice! Have a great night or day (depending where you are).

Its early morning here! But thanks, you too and you are welcome :D

Welcome #JTS official to Steemit. Too much to explore in here.

Hey #JTS another proud member has joined Steemit. In case you dont know JTS are an amazing worldwide 24/7 family who can help with all things #TRON and Crypto related. Come join the fun.

Welcome! Nice to see new & exciting things happening in cryptoland. I second @taskmaster4450, Actifit is my go to for posting.

Thanks for the warm welcome. We'll be sure to checkout Actifit. Cheers!

Welcome to our steemit community. Hope we all have a great time together.

Thanks for the warm welcome! Have a great day!

Welcome to Steem ! We have a very strong community and awesome dapps. I hope you find a place to continue to grow here. From your post I feel SteemLeo would be a great place to start for you .
Once again welcome and have an awesome day!

Hi mickvir! Thanks for your advice and we're happy to be here. Steem and TRX both have incredible communities. Combined we'll be unstoppable!

You'll find no end of people here passionate about Steem ofc ready to explain all the great things this blockchain has to offer.....and the bad things we still need to figure out. :P What I'm curious about is Tron though since we'll be having close ties to it now. What are the selling points in your opinion? Or maybe there's a place for us to easily look up on Tron's features?

Maybe I'll chip in on some of the stuff I think are important features of Steem (to me at least), right now I need to go to sleep though. ;)

The blockchain is incredibly fast and inexpensive. You can transfer on it in an instant with virtually no cost. There are over 900 Dapps on it so there is something for everyone from games, gambling, entertainment, fitness, etc. Feel free to follow us on Twitter (our main platform) @tron_squad, we share lots of Tron information. The Tron Foundation also has numerous accounts on all social media platforms and so does the Tron Founder Justin Sun. From there you can become familiar with the different communities and projects.

Welcome. Glad you are open to learning about our incredible blockchain. Have a !BEER on me .

Yup, I could use a beer, lol.

Welcome! Look forward to the Tron/Steem collaborations!

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We're excited too!

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Ok, so what's TRDO?

Hope together we become stronger than ever. !TRDO

Stronger together for sure!

Hey @jtsofficial, here is a little bit of BEER from @cflclosers for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

Welcome aboard! As someone who knows very little about the Tron system, I gave you a follow. I’d love to see some educational material and tips. I think everyone here is currently struggling with questions and apprehension about exactly how our chains can compliment each other and work together.

I think we are both struggling with questions. We'll do our best to share news/details of Tron and I hope to learn more about the STEEM ecosystem. I'm sure we'll learn so much from each other. Thanks for reaching out.

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Hey @jtsofficial .... Nice to see you get here at last ... I’ve been waiting. Https://Twitter.com/offgrid_crypto.

Welcome to the STEEM blockchain from the TRON blockchain! Hope you have a wonderful time here. Upvoted!

Thanks for the warm welcome. I hope we can learn lots from each other.

Glad to see that JTS quickly set up an account, welcome aboard @jtsofficial 🎉
JTS community nonstop exploring, learning, sharing, experience, lifting each other hand at the crypto world.
Yes, I believe Sir John and Mam Trina that we can do it and achieve our goals together.
Heads up JTS family.

hello Sir, grats keep up the good work, you are doing well at this platform...we are just here to support #JTS as long as we could. Have a great day to your family, Mam Trina, Breanna, Bradley say my hello😊

Hello maam Trina and sir John. I'm here to support our community. I'm a bit late but late is better than none at all

Glad to have you here. Welcome #JTS

Hi Nelo, thanks for the warm welcome!

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Upvoted and Resteemed and Retweeted... TRON and Steem to the Moon.

Hi @offgridlife, we finally made it! Thanks for your help and guidance.

Good to have you on #steem. There are some interesting times ahead as we watch to see how this new collaboration is going to take shape. For now we will be cautiously optimistic that Justin will bring some investment and marketing to showcase how powerful the STEEM blockchain is. Hopefully this grows into a beneficial partnership between the two chains and bring users and apps into both.

I'm around a good bit so if you have questions you can hit me up here, on twitter https://twitter.com/InfoSteem or on discord niallon11#6392, where we have some very active groups working on the blockchain.

That goes for anybody reading this post or joining our blockchain that want to know anything.

Justin is known for his marketing skills so I'm sure you'll see some great benefits soon. I'm sure we'll need some help as we explore the STEEM ecosystem. Thanks for reaching out.

No worries. We have some great people around here and would love to add some more to the group.

Hi Tron guys. There has been a lot of confusion here due to the suddenness of these events. A lot are worried that all their efforts in Steem over the years will be in vain. I hope there's improved communication, bare minimum. The former CEO, NED was absolutely terrible at communicating and gave everyone the impression he simply did not care in the least. Most are relieved he's gone, but nervous about what happens next. I hope you can understand this perspective. I hope it's a good partnership for both sides, but most here are very cautious.

Thank you.

Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation are great at communicating. I'm sure once the dust settles you'll be pleasantly surprised. Thanks for reaching out!

Welcome John!

I heard there is a new JTS Telegram group, can I join?

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Welcome to the Steem blockchain. The first thing I would suggest to you, if you are using a desktop is to try out the steempeak.com dapp. It's considerably superior to steemit.com If you are on a phone, there are also specific dapps like APPICS("instagram"), partiko and others depending on what you plan to do.

Thanks for the advice. Looks like we have a lot of homework to do.

This is a very cool post! Welcome from Thailand! Steem is like a rabbit-warren of interests, communities and cool people. I curate content for both the @ecotrain community and @naturalmedicine - both welcoming new content, new ideas and new friends from Tronland. :)

Please don't hesitate to connect if you have questions... I followed @pennsif's lead and also delegated you 50 steem to help get the steem juices flowing for you.

I'm off to follow you on twitter - you can find me on twitter @BreugelMarike

Leading the curation trail for both @ecotrain & @eco-alex.
Together We’re Making This World A Better Place.

Click Here To Join the manually curated trail "@artemislives" to support quality eco-green content.


Greetings from Canada! Thank you so much for the warm welcome. We have so much to learn and appreciate all the guidance we can get. Cheers!

Welcome to steemit and steem blockchain please try @jtsoffical to create a mutual beneficial relationship and collaboration between tron and steem blockchain community

That's our goal. From what I've seen so far I can say we both have incredible communities. Excited to be here learning all we can from you.

Welcome, @jtsofficial! Happy to make your acquaintance here, and I believe I've already met a few of your members on Twitter - you have an awesomesauce bunch of people in the TRONfam. 😊

@tipu curate

Thanks, our group is a fun worldwide community. Happy to be here and explore all STEEM and it's communities have to offer.

Kickass, welcome to Steem John, awesome having you here!! Be sure to get Discord as well, it’s where most of the Steem community live and chat.

Thanks for the warm welcome. We'll e sure to take a look.

hello #JTS Global Community..the best and hard working team

welcome...finally some tronians!

We're here!!!! Lots of learning to do.....

Welcome. You will find that Steemit.com is just one application on here. It is also just one of many frontends to access the chain.

There is Steempeak, busy.org, and esteem (mobile). We have an assortment of tribes catering to different topics such as Steemleo which focuses on investing.

If gaming is your thing, we have Splinterlands, Holybread, and Nextcolony to name a few.

Be sure to check out Actifit too...it provides rewarded for activity (such as walking).

Wow, so much to explore. Thanks for the welcome!

Nice run down @taskmaster4450 are you still tracking themselves Alpha gold legendaries 😁

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wellcome. you can have your own community here, (officially from next week, but beta works fine).

Sounds like fun.

Welcome @jtsofficial, it's an exciting time. Glad to meet you here on the steem blockchain and looking forward to meeting many other peeps from Tron!

Welcome to the community. We have a community here called steemleo.com that had good crypto talk.. it also payit's in LEO for posting our curating there

Hello everyone especially to the #JTS family and John, integrating me to seemit 👍

Welcome to Steem!

welcome aboard @jtsofficial ... thinks are getting interesting for sure. Are you on Discord? If so, please reach out. I'm ShadowsPub there as well

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Happy to see you posting on Steem! Looking forward to following updates and getting more familiar with what you guys do.

If by any chance you, or anyone else in your network, have your own website where you post content or have a blog, then let me know! With @steempress, we're providing easy integration with Steem from any WordPress blog, allowing content to be shared directly to Steem as well as a comment section that connects it with all engagement on Steem :)

Welcome to the Steem blockchain! A good place to start is understanding the difference between Steem and Steemit.

We'll be reading up on Steemit and Steem for sure and thanks for the warm welcome

Hi... Im coming.... 😂

Welcome to #Steemit.

Looking forward to seeing the #Tron and #Steem Communities working together.


Hi Stephen, thanks for reaching out on Twitter. We're excited to learn all we can from you and the STEEM communities.

What are you actually doing with TRON? In how far it helps you?

We're just a fun TRON community group of fellow TRON investors. A fun place to learn and share our experiences. We're excited to learn all we can about STEEM from your communities.