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The Integration of TRON and steemit is undoubtedly a major milestone which we as a community succeeded in achieving recently. I am very much optimistic about this development and below i'll present my views, thoughts and perception of looking at this development.


How Steem - TRON integration will benefit us?

More reward for less effort

Before this integration we used to get rewards on Post in the form of SP and SBD either half of each or only SP, subjected to users preference at the time of posting. The curation reward was given only as SP. With this integration of TRX and STEEM, a third modality of the reward in the form of TRX proportions to SP has been added. So to earn TRX no extra effort need to be put in. In a way, we are getting more rewards for less effort.

Empowerment of both user and platform.

With this integration, more and more users will set up their posts to 100% power up for earning more and more TRX. General strategy of the steemit is to give preferential support to the posts subjected to 100 % power up. As TRX reward on such posts is double than those with divisom of rewards into SBD and SP. As a result both author reward of users and curator reward of user and community are going to increase , thereby empowering both.

Boost SBD and STEEM.

With the announcement of "Something big is coming " @steemitboog , we saw SBD price jumped up ny more than 200%. Now with Integration steem and TRX will definitely go up .

TRON users will pounce on to platform.

Undoubtedly number of TRON users as well as Steemit users will show a dramatic increase. TRON users now need not buy TRON by spending flat or crypto in exchange, instead they are going to get it for free along with steem and SBD.

How to optimize TRX earning?

To optimize TRX earning, we will have to set up posts to 100 percent power up. By setting posts to 100 percent power up, amount of SP earned is doubled and therby doubling the amount of TRX earned. SP and TRX are distributed in the ratio of 1:1 , that is for every SP earned, 1 TEX IS awarded too.
in this way, total SP of account will increase which in turn will increase curation reward. As curation reward is only given as SP, therfore along with SP, TEX will also be awarded which will further add to total TRX earned .
One more method to maximise TRX is to earn APR by staking TRX and voting for super representatives.

Use of TRX earned?

TRX an be used for multiple purposes like trading on crypto exchanges like poloniex ( offers 25 percent discount on TRX as trading fee) , help others by sending TRX , multiple purposes on DApps that TRON foundation support and best of all is to stake TRX and earn APR.

How to spread this news?

This great news is worth spreading everywhere. Even before this Integration, i have been putting efforts to invite people to steemit. I have successfully invited @magmuz and @aamirbashirr to this platform. This integration is an additional perspective to motivate people to join steemit. I'll be doing same by making posts about it, on social media platforms and also via offline mode in office and on phone etc.

Thank you


Post payout is set to 100% power up and also shared on social media accounts like twitter.


@drqamu, You're right, we should definitely join forces and spread the truth about Steemit. Now we have TRX and it is easier for us to invite new users. Steemit is growing. I also put 100% power up.

Thank you for taking part in the TRON and Steemit Integration Celebration Challenge.

And thank you for setting your post to 100% Powerup.

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