Why you should change to Steem Mode: ON! [Exciting News in the Blockchain World]

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I meet blockchain in 2017 by buying a random coin called Steem. Didn't even know what blockchain is, what a cryptocurrency is, how they work and what is their purpose. Interestingly, I saw many discord communities existed and they were communicating and helping each other to grow, share experiences and so on!

On the first day of exploring Steem, I learnt that it has a platform "like Facebook which pays" where you just make posts, if people like it, you'll earn. In the same week I joined in some Discord and I learnt that there is a huge community behind this project.

As time passed, I learnt to Vlog on Dtube, I learnt to content create, became a team member of one the greatest dapps built on Steem Blockchain and so on.
So shortly for two years I have learnt as many things as I could, which I name it an online MBA class!

So Steem Blockchain has many benefits for its users, as I was and I am one of them. You learn, you earn, you became part of the community, you enjoy your time. Besides all, there are some amazing news, which made me Steem ON. Also it can mak you Steem On. [ You can find information about what Steem is down below ]

Steem made a partnership with TRON on February 2020.
And on the 1000 day of creation, there came an exciting news from the team!


In Steem Blockchain, Steemit is a platform for content creation that rewards great contents with STEEM,SBD and SP.

STEEM and SBD are coins which can be traded in many exchanges.
SP is a Steem Power, where you can power up your Steem, so you can keep your coins powered up for up to 4 weeks, as much Steem Power you have, that much your upvote is worth.

Suddenly this Integration happened between Steemit and Tron. Why I think this is great?

This Integration is great for both TRX and Steem, because of the news that are spreading around which will reach as many people as possible, causing the number of Steem users to increase.
Many more people will come and learn about Steem Blockchain and Steemit.

People will start posting content on Steemit, the valuable ones will get an additional reward with TRX tokens.
Besides earning SBD and Steem , users can earn TRX too!

So to sum up, according to my experience I can shortly explain Steemit like this:

"A platform like Facebook, which pays for quality content with Steem, SBD from today with TRX too. Where you engage with the great community , learn to create content, to create videos, learn, explore and enjoy"


What I think it's needed for the team is to clarify and make more videos to simplify the explanation of everything, because it may be confusing for new comers
I will try to create content more to new comers about things I know and my experience so far!




Thank you for taking part in the TRON and Steemit Integration Celebration Challenge.

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The Steemit Team

Thank you very much for sharing your experince, i really enjoyed reading it, its written in a very interesting way, I just started in steemit a week ago and i think i still have things to learn! I would really appreciate if you gave me a piece of advise to grow in this platform. Greetings