It looks like sometimes the rewards come in a bit later, but they are never lost completely. Maybe the script is hanging at some point and needs to be restarted. Best would be to detect such state and restart it automatically.

@ety001 Do you know more about this?

The balance of account which is used to send TRX rewards was empty several days ago.
Now the balance is ok.
But the sending rewards queue has a lot of tasks.
I think it will take 2 or 3 days to reduce the length of queue.

Thanks @steemchiller, I understand the things more clearly after @ety001 reply. Look like, we don't have automatic TRX balance system in pool. So this situation occurs, we have to watch manually. Not so good for commitment for TRX reward.
Lets hope for better functioning all the time.

Yeah, we're trying to optimize the distribution program.

TRX of the previous three days has not been issued, please fix the relevant problems in time. Otherwise, such an unstable state of operation is irresponsible to the community.

As @ety001 stated, they are already working on optimizing the distribution process ;)

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