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RE: The Cat in a Tub is celebrating becoming a Cat-Dolphin hybrid - and needs good content to vote on

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What kind of "good quality content" does a tubcat like?

Mixed bag off the top of my head:

  • @veryspider for art (and also insane community spirit)
  • @internutter for flash fiction
  • @midlet for art interspersed with steem meta (though occasionally it feels the other way round XD)
  • @tarazkp for philosophical ramblings tied in with meta who also comes with an adorable mini-human who always looks very washed despite being a mini-human
  • @nonameslefttouse for art and highly entertaining life and meta commentary
  • @meesterboom for ability to turn mundanity into comedy gold (I even read his beer reviews and I don't like beer)
  • @ammonite makes temporary sculptures out of sand and ice and stuff and also documentaries which are not temporary

Okay so maybe it's not quite as mixed as I thought but I do kind of have an art focus ^_^;


Good suggestions, human with Steemit handle that resembles a reasonable Cat’s worst nightmare.

Tub Cat shall inspect and follow accordingly.

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Given the sounds I've heard from the resident cats I thought my nym would be pretty easy for a cat XD