Wild Turkey / Meleagris gallopavo / El pavo salvaje

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One of the birds that causes me several sensations. The Turkey, is a large bird native to the northern United States and thanks to human migration this species has been introduced and domesticated in various places around the world.
Una de las aves que me causa varias sensaciones. The Turkey, El pavo, es una ave de gran tamaño originaria del norte de los Estados Unidos y que gracias a las migraciones humanas ésta especie la han introducido y domesticado en diversos lugares en el mundo.

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Photo © by Ledis Arango V.

I want to tell you that since I was a little girl I have seen these giant birds which I remember with a little fear, because when I was about six years old one of these aggressive, colorful and male dancers chased me all over the yard of my grandmother's house. I ran so fast that I did not let him reach me. From that moment on, I could not see them without feeling the trauma. My memories tell me that my grandmother's family had these giant birds domesticated and from them they took advantage of the eggs and they made good banquets, I think that because of the size of the bird it was perfect for the whole family.
Quiero contarles que desde niña he vistos éstas gigantes aves a las cuales recuerdo con un poco de temor, pues cuando yo tenía unos seis años uno de estos agresivos, coloridos y bailarines machos me persiguió por todo el patio de la casa de mi abuela. Yo corrí tan rápido que no me deje alcanzar. Desde ese momento no podía verlos sin sentir trauma. Mis memorias me indican que la familia de mi abuela tenía estas gigantes aves domesticadas y de las cuales aprovechaban los huevos y se hacían buenos banquetes, creo que por el tamaño alcanzaba perfectamente para la toda la familia.

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Photo © by Ledis Arango V.

Here in Colombia it is common for farmers to have domesticated turkeys as well as chickens and also to take advantage of them as my grandmother did.
Aquí en Colombia es común que los campesinos tengan los pavos domesticados al igual que las gallinas y también que las aprovechan como lo hacía mi abuela.

Photo © by Ledis Arango V.

I had the opportunity to observe in the wild a flock of Meleagris gallopavo, in Wisconsin, United States. It was surprising to see them as they moved quietly through the yard of the house, sometimes these birds took dirt baths just where the sun warmed all morning; they also pecked the leaves of the garlic in the garden and walked with their head and neck down towards the soil, probably looking for protein. They looked like dinosaurs in a bygone age.
Tuve la oportunidad de observar en estado silvestre una bandada de Meleagris gallopavo, en Wisconsin, Estados Unidos. Era sorprendente verlos como se desplazaban tranquilamente por el patio de la casa, en ocasiones estas aves tomaban baños de tierra justo donde el sol calentaba toda la mañana, también picoteaban las hojas los ajos del jardín y caminaban con su cabeza y cuello hacia abajo por el suelo seguramente buscando proteína. Parecían dinosaurios en una era pasada.

Photo © by Ledis Arango V.

Another great experience was participating in Thanksgiving Day in the United States, where not only did I observe these great birds in their natural habitat, but also enjoyed a traditional dinner where the main course was a giant baked turkey accompanied by a variety of purees, salads, desserts and other delicious recipes that each of the guests brings to share with the whole family.
Otra gran experiencia fue participar en el día de la acción de gracias en los Estados Unidos, así que no solo observé éstas grandes aves en su hábitat natural sino, que también disfruté una cena tradicional donde el plato fuerte es un gigante pavo al horno acompañado de una gran variedad de purés, ensaladas, postres y otras deliciosas recetas que cada uno de los invitados lleva para compartir con toda la familia.

Photo © by Ledis Arango V.

I must say that I was not afraid to see that turkey already baked and surrounded by a variety of delights, which turned out to be a great explosion of different flavors, all new to me.
Debo manifestar que no sentí miedo al ver aquel pavo ya horneado y rodeado de una gran variedad de delicias, que resultaron una gran explosión de diversos sabores, todos nuevos para mi.

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God bless you
Dios los bendiga


Turkeys from two different continents! What a fun article, I'm so happy you could overcome the trauma to be able to eat the turkey!

You are becoming a great journalist, and developing your voice; Keep it up!

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how was the feast in fl. ?

The wild ones remind me of the skekzis from The Dark Crystal. That movie scared the snot out of me as a child!