Why turkish coffee is special

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Turkish coffee is a very special type of coffee that is found in Turkey and Middle East. The coffee is handmade from the time they collect the coffee beans until they ground it. Why is Turkish Coffee Special? It is the way they process the coffee and the way they prepare it and serves it at home what makes this coffee the best drink in the world. beans-brown-coffee-34085.jpg]() I have to tell you that I am a tea addict, but If I am sleepy, only Turkish coffee what wakes me up. Its smell is more than enough to stabilize the mood. The coffee is made from a very finely grounded coffee, and sometimes it is made by mixing two types of coffee. What makes this coffee special also is the small cups that you drink it in. The small cus are called Kahve finjani. This cups come in different styles and shapes, believe me when I say that the taste of the coffee in these cups is much nicer than in any other cup. basket-book-books-6332.jpg


Turkish coffee is a great addition to Turkish delight. Coffee is very useful. If you have a friend with you, it will be much nicer. Enjoy your meal 😊

Thanks for your sweet comment

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