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RE: Understanding Steemit : Know How Steemit Reward System Works and How Rewards Are Distributed!

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I am very happy with this clear and extensive post. If it wasn't to have a nice explanation on the Stemit reward system for myself, than at least to have a post to refer people to when they ask about the how's-and-what's!



This!!! A post to refer to people who need it. You made my day! I work for this very thing. To be able to impact more lives positively!

Thank you. Following you. :)

I am all for an introduction email after having been accepted to Steemit that explains all this stuff in the native language of the person joining.
I have given people many different posts on how-to or simple guides or etiquettes... There are hundreds of posts like it... waste of precious blockchain bandwidth if you ask me.

But thanks for the very concise but accurate list: you've basically created the email I hope future New Steemians will receive upon admission.

I just today replied the same message to this post
Maybe you can combine forces and get things done for real!

Firstly, I totally agree! Such an incredible idea to have an email containing all the required information. There are Welcome and FAQ pages (I read those right after joining) but I am not sure if people read them. The environment suggests that they don't!

Thank you! You found me a gem! Wondeful post!