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RE: Understanding Steemit : Know How Steemit Reward System Works and How Rewards Are Distributed!

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Hey, I'm doing Operation Translation by @papa-pepper, and I'd like to translate this post to Chinese. Would you be up for letting me do it? This is just such a great post and I think more people should read it! I would follow @papa-pepper's guidelines, including a link to your post and crediting you in the title.


Only if you promise to maintain the quality of formatting. I do not like my work to be translated in badly formatted posts. Having said that, I would love my work to be translated and reach the Chinese community. I am from Pakistan so it is especially pleasing to help my Chinese friends.

Please format the post well. Imitate this post and use good header image. Giving credit where due and linking to original post is ethical to do. Contact me on discord if you need my help.