How to hide autopass chip in a Tesla

in #tutorial3 years ago (edited)

In Norway one of the benefits of electric cars is free toll roads. But you must have an autopass chip for your car to be registered as free pass in the tolls.

When I installed my autopass chip, I did not know where to put it. Normally you put it in the front window. But I did not want the big panoramic window on the Tesla Model X to have any ugly chip on there.

Luckily from my google skills I found this solution.

I have done this myself and I got it installed and hidden. All the wonders of a Tesla. You always find more benefits. 😁


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Electric care are awesome. But we don't have those here. Enjoy the ride mate.

Very amazing experience @olsm, you can get out of your own problems. Honestly I still do not understand the electric car. I have never seen him let alone drive it.

What do you not understand about the electric car? I can explain for you.

I do not understand how the engine works because it does not use fuel. And does the engine remain the same as an ordinary car?

Hahaha very smart of you, excellent, there they say that people are like they have their car 😂😂

I do not understand.

Great to know about the electric cars, and one more great thing is you'll can charge your car freely and now these free toll pass is so amazing and it sounds how affordable car would be there. Thanks for sharing this information with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

And also there is no vat and other taxes of electric cars in norway. The vat exempt alone is a 25% discount on the purchase of the car compared to fossil car.

All these stuff are great to hear. 🙂

you are having some real skills man
unfortunately we dont have such cars here

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hahah i like the fact that you wanted to get your problem solved and first thing you do is taking your tesla apart... don't let your insurance see that ;)

Taking this plastic piece out and in is not gonna do anything more to the insurance than taking the wheels off and on. Nothing.

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I got to test drive one a few months ago and I was really impressed. There's a great video of a guy with his grandfather riding in a Telsa. It's a much watch

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