Make $2 Again & Again Without Doing Any Work ??

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Make money without doing anything, is it possible??

Well the ans is YES...

Goto Cash Mining website and Signup..

the login to your account and click on the start mining button...

wait...wait...MINING?? yes mining! but it's not typical type of CPU mining..

It's ads mining..just click the start mining button...and leave the window open as log as you can and see the revenue grow... basically they will show you ads which will make you money like PTC site but that completely automatically.. i suggest you open the site in a second browser and you can work normally in you main can earn even more buy doing some small tasks..

I create a detail video that how you can make money with cash mining..Watch the video bellow.


Okay I signed up using your referral link. Works out to about $50 per year just for leaving computer on, if no added referrals coming from me.

Greats system to make extra money, thanks for sharing

Interesting idea. Thanks!

It really looks awesome.
I will try it and test it and I will share the resluts with here hopefully everything can go great. Thanks for the good info.

Muy buen trabajo esta pagina sirve para aquellas personas que quieres ganar dinero sin hacer nada

Muy buena la pagina pero es mucho trabajo para tan poca recompensa

Aver alguien que me explique lo que trata de decir.....;)

Wow. That's a great way to make extra money. assist me plz how can I withdraw money

Signed up using your link, and its earning on auto, cheers.

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"Now please, tell me how can I withdraw the money. Oh, you want my bitcoin address or a bank account routing number perhaps? Maybe you will settle for just me email address or my phone number. Well shorty, if you don't pay me SOMETHING maybe I will will jog over to your website and see where these ads come from, and then tell on you and get you canceled and not paid, how does anyone here like those apples?"

I will upvote follow and resteem and go away for a mere $10 cash, securely wrapped and mailed in an envelope. Leave your email and I will send you my postal.

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Thats so amazing.....that got my heart already

amr akta volo kaj dorkar

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thank for vote

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no abre la pagina o no te registra

no sirve seguramente

por favor si pueden hagan vídeos en español !!! muy buena la inf !! y si ya tienen vides en español por favor dejarme un enlace de yutube gracias

$0.15 a day

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thanks share.....I always support you

can we do it on mobile?

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The site is looking cool, I hope so it works

How many hours to use to get that $2 without having any referrals?

Greats system to make extra money, thanks for sharing

am so like your blog n your contant

Are you sure it will work out?

Thanks for shared this information. I'll try it.

emmm it seems like ewmoney, it cheats flows by leading users to click via the website.

this is good info....i like it

La probaré apenas, espero funcione, soy nuevo en steemit saludos a todos

Quite interesting, I'll try it later..

Ok Let me try this if this is not fake site then.
I will let you know guys if they actually pays you or is fake scam.

I think the idea is very interesting.
However, I'm always a bit skeptical about such sites.
How exactly is this money generated?
In any case many thanks for this insightful post.

What a Vedio............I Really like this


Its a waste of time and you will consume more electricity

Here is my supporting answer.
Base on the description how you will earn in this website

You get paid up to $0.0002 every minute!

so basically in 1 hr you get 60 mins and you will work 8 hrs a day
60 x 8 = 480 mins multiply base in 0.0002 for min earning what you will get?

480 x 0.0002 = 0.096 in 8 hours that your computer is open.

That is my supporting answer but it still up to you if you want to grab it. Thank you for this information who wrote this article.

Well this is even not worth of electricity cost.

thanks I voted you up and I will see how it goes

Awesome ty

Som is this actually working or fake. How much cmi earn with this site and what are the options to withdraw cash and what is the minimum withdrawal amount

great bro i also earned some money

Nice referral links!


@ somenathsen very niceee bhot accha

Voto desde Guatemala amigo

I voted from Guatemala

lol it's tiny amount :p

Your correct electric bill will consume a lot.

Is it legit!😶😜

wow, this is incredible that in all the networks that I see there is so much undertaking with movements in the networks of this style, whether it is to earn cents or maximum of two dollars for a publication and well this plaform as steemit that gives you to see some excellent long and short term gains.

Nice post i will try n see if its working

How mining is free or without hardware

This is not mining of a crypto, it appears to be a pyramid scheme to defraud ad revenue. The real money is made in referrals, hence why it appears to be a pyramid.

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I haven't watched the video yet but do you get paid in crypto? If so, which token?

Ok, i want to thank to you for actually giving this opportunity, a lot of people has been constantly trying to earn money and for you to come and bring this means a lot, merci beaucoup

Wow,thats very interesting

This is awesome! I should also sign up!

Is this for real?, are you sure we dont have to get tons or refereed before we can withdraw the money?