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RE: Understanding Steemit : Know How Steemit Reward System Works and How Rewards Are Distributed!

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I don't get if i should wait until I have 100% voting power to vote? I'm at 85% so should I only reatsteem and comment? Joy


Nope. If you full vote at 85 % , you will be left with 83 % but that 2 % will be recovered in 2.4 hours and you will have 85 % again. You can vote before going to sleep and have 6 % recovered in the morning. Keeping VP above 80 % is wise, especially when you have high SP.

Use to vote because there you can adjust each vote.

Bittrex wont let me in . where can i buy steem with my debit card? I want to power up. Is coin base cool? Thank you for the info great post. Joy

Write Tutorial 2 how to buy steem ilyastarar in Google and you'll get your answer.

Thank you. You are a great teacher and a fine helper!!