Steem Power Delegation Tutorial

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This post is specially for you @sduttaskitchen.

If you are new to Steemit and you want to know how to delegate SP to someone, then this post will help you.

For me one Go to Tool on Steemit is @Steemworld, it is one of the most useful tool I can vouch for and a one stop destination for all your activity.

The site to Steemworld is and to login to your own page you can use your id extension

You will get this page

You get to see all the activity transactions, your voting details, VP, market information, list of delegations, account details, author & curation past and future rewards, witness votes and all that you want to know for your account.

You browse through this page and you have all the information you need. The site is developed by @steemchiller and it is upto date with all the latest news and developments.
Particularly for delegation, select Delegations, and it will take you to

Select on delegate and you have a box pop up, in which you may fill your details. On OK, it will ask for the Active Keys, and the transaction is completed.

If you want to make any changes in your delegation go to Outgoing and there you have the details which you can modify with what you want.

You will also get to see your Post Active and Finishes history here.

It is one of the most convenient tool to use for all Steemit activity, and my favorite too. I hope this will help the newbies to understand the platform better.


Thank you so much my darling @nainaztengra, you are the true example of friend indeed is a friend indeed. Stay blessed and happy 😊 love 💕 and 🫂 hug.

You are most welcome. It was too much to put in a reply so I thought I will make a tutorial which will be quick and easy to understand.

Thank you dear I am reading your post to understand the procedure @nainaztengra

Hi nainaztengta
The information was really useful so I resteem ur post. I have used and it's really beneficial.
Thanks for sharing

Glad you find it useful @crafter

Great tutorial~^^😊