Cobra Kai Season 2 Micro Review (No Spoilers)

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The second season of Cobra Kai has moments of greatness interspersed with banality

If you haven't already heard about Cobra Kai, it's a clever YouTube show that was adapted from the Karate Kid universe: it takes place 30+ years after Danny Laruso kicks Johnny Lawrence in the face with the famous crane kick to win the All Valley Karate Tournament.


Danny has all the trappings of an American success story: self made millionaire and businessman; pillar of the community with a beautiful wife, two kids, and a member of the country club.

Johnny, on the other hand, is an alcoholic who has lived a hard life, a deadbeat dad and blue collar worker floating between odd jobs.

There is tension as the two reacquaint as middle aged men.


William Zabka's performance as Johnny Lawrence is wonderful. Every scene with him draws viewers in, as we watch a broken man try to get better...generally in crooked lines.


Danny Laruso's character has no soul. While Italian American, his Catholic heritage is never mentioned (I don't even think it was in the original movies), and his only spirituality is a sort of idol worship of Mr Miyagi. But whereas Mr Miyagi knew what he was about before training Daniel, Danny trains his daughter and Robby Keene without really knowing himself.

This is mirrored in Johnny as well. Both these two men are in mid life crises, and try mentoring kids and teaching them karate as a way to rediscover who they are.

It's good tv, but bad mentoring.

The Ugly

The teen drama stuff is lame. I'd be ok if we dropped it completely for season 3, but don't expect it.

Final Analysis:

Johnny is easily the most interesting character in the show


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