Big Big Star Market - photo with TV stars (3) | Big Big 明星市集 - 與明星合照 (三)

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My daughter was very excited to has the chance to meet the TV stars in the Market. She took photos with them. Here are third batch of them.





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Big Big Star Market - photo with TV stars (2) | Big Big 明星市集 - 與明星合照 (二)

Big Big Star Market - photo with TV stars (1) | Big Big 明星市集 - 與明星合照 (一)

Big Big Star Market | Big Big 明星市集



Its nice moments when you meet your star

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the stars are really amazing so wonderful pics they are super supportive

the third batch was even interesting the kid has the great time with them

Such a nice and beautiful time spend with the stars looking great awesome pictures

You have sharing nice photography @guyverckw. I like to see happiness and lovely photography. You give me passion. Thanks.



beautiful photography...

@guyverskw, You're very lucky father around the world coz You've very cute and future still beauty lady child. I love to her much and she has very cute smile and and always being happy examples is fried fish etc.....Wish her succeed life

Thank you very much!

Life is all about how well we spend time with our family members to make them happy in a very present way. You are setting the example man, @guyverckw <3

Your daughter is very cute.
Thanks for sharing.
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This is an awesome photography. Its really amazing photo and also creative art.

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wow the stars are so nice they look so amazing too :D

Wonderful photography @guyverckw
I am awalys follow & upvote & resteem

Amazing pics,your daughter is so cute,she is having a great time.

Wow ! extraordinary photography
Beautiful pictures thank you..Greets
as a photographer i can say this is very good work!

beautiful photography...

amazing photography.

its really beautiful phonephotography. God bless you.

Excellent potography

the stars are very familiar there super nice to see every pic cool time you had

You have did an amazing job,such a lovely father you are.

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