Abigail's free ticket

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The coming day, the leaving night it was all a constant blur like the mysteries of my town amberwood pikes. To me it was the most intriguing place in sight to others just a boring place of fright. As the cold brisk lingered one quiet night I walked home from school just as any other night. I was the nerd the pushover or better yet the kiss ass of my little high school. Everyone knew me but everyone did not know me. It was complicated and I was the outside that was never let in, except for that one night when Abigail wanted me to come in.

Abigail was my only friend in town. She didn't speak much just smiled and waved she worked in the cinema box right outside of the town cinema hall. As night fell and I was leaving from extracurricular activities at school one night, a few my classmates told me to walk home with them. Although we lived in the boringest town ever things were awfully quiet at night.

As we walked the blocks and they spoke amongst each other, I was looking forward to pass by Abigail that evening. Tell her all I did and all I wanted too do the very next day. Once we got too Abigail I told my classmates I would stay back to talk to Abigail. They chuckled and just left me there as of Abigail was a loser like me. But she wasn't she was great and smart as far as I knew. That night Abigail waved at me and told me to come and take a free ticket for the show that night.

Abigail was great not only did she give me free tickets she knew I was upset! She was a true friend, I went in too find the most extravagant room ever. So many people none paying too much attention too me but I must say they sure were fancy there clothes were layers and layers of fabric and there hair was done up so high like the movies

None of it made sense too me, but I didn't care they were all more pleasant too me. The next morning I told my mother about my wonderful night. I told her about Abigail and I showed her my free ticket. She took my hand in hers and was quivering. She asked me if Abigail was in her 50s and wore a red locket around her neck and I said yes mom YOU KNOW HER?!? , I traced my mothers eyes and to my surprise Abigail was standing right outside my window. Smiling like she always did from that Cinema box.

As I was walking to the door too let her in my mother was holding me back and telling me too stop. But it was just Abigail. Abigail let herself in that night holding her boxes of free tickets. We had a great dinner. I notice she didn't eat much or talk really, she just sat and smiled that constant smile that she had from that cinema box.

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