The guide tree

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For thousands of years nature has been an inhabitant of planet earth, there are thousands of plants and trees unknown even to human beings, perhaps many of them contain millennial properties and secrets of which humans have no clue.

The parks and forests are tourist destinations for many, they are recreational places, but many times, almost 100% of the time, nobody stops to think that there is behind that plant, that flower or that tree.

Jess was a very different girl from all her classmates, she was not the one with the most friends, she was not the most popular, she was the girl with good grades who stayed at home watching movies on weekends. Jess was a unique daughter, a very loved one but she never felt at all safe, although she was very physically beautiful, her self-esteem was very low. She had a very special gift for her part, Seeing beyond what people show, he even analyzed so much each of the people around him that he realized details and attitudes that even the same person did not know he had.

One spring day a group of young people undertook a trip to a very beautiful forest in the city of London, England, called Parliament Hill, a place to get away for a while from the madness of the London city. For Jess, a junior high school girl it was a privilege to go to a place like this on a trip, but for her classmates it was just another school assignment, for the boys it was just to hang out outside of class and for the girls a good place to take pictures.

The day of the tour arrived and Jess was very excited, her companions, at all, they felt it was a waste of time. They got on the bus with their gui teacher and they went to the place, the road was not that long so they arrived fast. The river was beautiful, it was a recreational place but there were not many people in it, it was full of very green trees in the spring, a beautiful sun bathed the place and besides many of the trees were blooming at that time of the year, it was the day perfect for that visit.

The tour of the place was going perfectly, just by some annoying comments from the students towards Jess, mocking as always, but nothing out of the ordinary. While the prof of biology, a sympathetic Mr. of about 40 years, explained on the types of trees, the importance of his care and more things related to the subject, Jess was distracted for a moment since a tree of the forest called her enough attention , something attracted her to it, she worked on a huge tree, which was not unusual in a forest, but it had a lot of roots and a peculiar shape, it led her to think how long that tree had been there. Then she stayed looking at the tree and decided to touch it, as time stood still and she saw that one of the roots was illuminated, and saw in her head all the things she was good at and all that was in her favor. being much more sure of herself, then more roots were illuminated and she was shown how beautiful she was, as if she saw in a mirror and emphasized her virtues, after seeing all that, she was impressed and could remove her hand from the tree, because Jess's surprise in the real world had only been about 3 seconds, her classmates looked at her weirder than usual since she was like with her head on another planet. One of her companions was intrigued with what had happened to her after touching the tree and why the reaction of it.


Photo taken by @pyemoney

All that happened on Friday, on the weekend Jess analyzed the situation and realized that everything that the tree showed her, if that was what happened, it was true only that she did not accept it, did not accept its virtues, her beauty and therefore she was not sure of herself, this resulting in not living a happy and peaceful life.

That weekend Jess evaluated all the things that could have happened for her to see everything she saw that way when she touched the tree, in fact I consider being crazy or allusive, nothing seemed coherent.

Monday came, school day, even Jess was still thinking about what happened in the forest last Friday. When arriving to classes everything was the same and they were all the same, but she was not, Jess was a different person, everything that saw the change. During the break, a companion approached him fearfully and asked him what had happened in the forest since he was different after touching that huge and strange tree. Jess was confused, first did not think that someone had noticed how she was, but what concerned her most was that answer, and felt that they could call her crazy, more than usual, told him that nothing had happened, the boy left but the next day he came back with the same question since he was not pleased with his answer, it was then that Jess felt safe to speak no matter what, because he told the boy everything, he was incredulous but with a answer, that's what he wanted.

The days passed and several noticed that after that walk Jess had changed for the better, she was more secure and lived happier, in fact she made some friends. One day at school he saw that fearful boy who asked him once for what had happened in the boat, he was very happy because he had got a scholarship in arts not in sports as a weight that he should do. That guy asked to talk to Jess alone, He thanked her for telling her about the tree and told him what happened, it turns out that after she told him about the occurrence in the forest, he went there, wanted a place to clarify his ideas since his father insisted that he get a sports scholarship, but he did not feel passion for it, and that did not make him the best, but that was what he had known his life and he did not know which way to go, other than that, he had a hobby of drawing, but for him it was nothing more than a pastime. The point is that he went to the tree that day and did the same as Jess weeks ago, he only touched the tree, he saw how time was paralyzed and one of the branches lit up and showed him all the good that would be derived if he took the art as something serious, that is, he showed him his true path, his real talent. In this way he directed his scholarship and his university essay to that aspect and achieved what he wanted.

It was like this that Jess took his new friends over there, all the same happened to them but when they told their experience and mentioned the root that was illuminated it was not always the same, only one of Jess's friends did not have the privilege of seeing that happened, but they came to the conclusion that it was because of their lack of faith in the tree, to be incredulous could not get to connect with nature.

Little by little the voice came and some believed and others did not, those who managed to live the experience got the way in their lives.

Jess and her friends came to a conclusion, each root represents an abstraction in life, love, happiness, time, security, talents, etcetera. It was as well as the tree became a friend of the group, the wisest to which more should be taken care of, the one guide, to whom they went seeking advice, therefore they take care of it and visit every day, they also thank for the wisdom given.

The trees are the oldest and wisest living beings on the planet, never forget that.

The end.

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