Writers Win 5 Steem! Twenty-Four Hour Short Story Contest for July 24 A lonely man develops the ability to see through walls.

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 The 24 hour short story challenge

(But you'll get a little more time than that...) 

 I am fascinated by science fiction writer Harlan Ellison writing short stories in a book store window.  

He wrote short stories with everyone watching for years, and people questioned if he already had the stories, so he began to take suggestions for topics from people watching.  Chris Carter of X-files fame gave him the topic of a 102-year-old pregnant corpse, and he wrote a story based on that idea.So thus the idea behind this contest was born.  You can write a short story in a short amount of time.

Click here for last week's winners and entries.  

Here are the terms of the contest.

Write a short story no longer than 2,000 words, based on the topic phrase.

Here is the topic for you short story:

A lonely man develops the ability to see through walls.

Here are the rules for entry

1. Upvote this post. 

2. Resteem this post  (And actually even you don't enter this contest and you read this post, resteeming this would be greatly appreciated to get the word out for more participants.  Thanks!)  (I've gotten comments about this policy.  The reason for the upvotes and resteem is help provide funding for the contest. Currently this isn't quite break even for me. But I've met a lot of new people on Steemit so that is worth it.)

3. In your post put a link to this post. 

4. Post a link to your story in the comments below. (This is really important, this is how I keep track of entries.  I check my replies for entries.)

Entries are due by 9 p.m. EST (New York/D.C. Time) Tuesday July 24.

 This actually gives you a little over 48 hours from when I make this post.  But I want to give more time to allow for more people to enter the contest. Use the tag twentyfourhourshortstory for your first tag.  (Don't use # before the tag or it goes over the 24 character limit.  24...24 hour short story contest...Ironic don't you think...)Feel free to use other tags as you wish.

Prizes are:

5 Steem for First Place.

3 Steem for Second Place

1 Steem for Third Place And depending on how many entries I receive I may give out Steem for other entries.  But again that all depends on the amount and quality of posts. (I am personally putting up the rewards for this contest, there be no whales here capt’in.  So upvoting and resteeming helps keep this thing going.)

So please upvote with as much power as you can.  That helps fund the contest.

Here's what you get for participating, even if you don't win.

1. I upvote every entry, and I resteem every entry to over 1,000 followers. 

 2. I create a post at the end of every contest and I mention and link to your post. Again going out to over a 1,000 followers.

3. A regular community of participants has developed around this contest and they read and comment on the entries.

4. (Then of course there is the chance for winning some extra Steem!)Thanks for reading and good luck! Can't wait to see what you come up with.P.S. If by Friday you see I have not resteemed or upvoted your entry, shoot me a comment.  I may have missed it.  

I am getting more entries to read, and contrary to rumor...I am human.

Thanks again to everyone that participated and shared this contest.   


Fun prompt. Here's my submission. As always, thanks for hosting the contest.

Okay, I posted my entry here. I hope ya'll enjoy it!

Here is my entry for this week's contest. I love the prompt. As soon as I read it the story began forming in my head. In the end I like where I wound up. I certainly hope everyone else does as well.

My Entry: Mr. Lonely

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Here I leave the link of my short story for the contest twentyfourhourshortstory, I hope you like, its dedicated to all the people of Oregon that I will meet someday.


Good evening, I hope this very well, it strikes me that he did not reesteam my publication, I would like to know if any of the conditions failed?

Resteemed now. I typically resteem them in bunches.

is that I was looking at the pattern of reading and re-publication, but I did not understand it, from bottom to top, top to bottom, at random, for interest in the title, hehehe. Anyway, thank you for the opportunity to participate, for reading and for the promotion.

My entry!

My Story

"I had lost all notion of time. it wasn't usual for me to see the light hit the leaves of the trees outside of my concrete stilt house. for days It had seemed like a labyrinth, my feet crashing persistently into the battered and disordered objects inside of those four walls where I had been forced to live..." Continue HERE


Thank you for the opportunity

I'm going to participate in the next =)

A friend is someone who understand your past, believes in your future, and accepts you today just the way you are.

Amzng post broo
Plz cmmnt nd upvte me plz

Hey, this is my entry, thanks for the great contest. This is wonderful.

A hug and goodvibes



This was a fun one to try, here is my entry thank you very much!

My story for this week. A lovely prompt again, good to see there are more submissions than last week. And congrats again on the well-deserved curie support!

My entry: You Do Know You Sound A Bit Mad, Don't You?


Been a few weeks since I entered but I couldn't resist this weeks excellent prompt @mctiller.

My entry:

The Old Man and Batman


Hey @mctiller, this is my submission to the contest. I hope you will find it entertaining. Thank you for the inspiring topic. I am happy to participate in this contest :)

My entry into this contest.
My first time though.
Criticism and corrections are welcomed.