Writers, Win 5 Steem ($25 USD) in the 24 Hour Short Story Contest--Topic 3 for January 31

 The 24 hour short story challenge

I am fascinated by science fiction writer Harlan Ellison writing short stories in a book store window.  

He wrote short stories with everyone watching for years, and people questioned if he already had the stories, so he began to take suggestions for topics from people watching.  Chris Carter of X-files fame gave him the topic of a 102-year-old pregnant corpse, and he wrote a story based on that idea.

Chris Carter watching Ellison write his story.

And congrats to @isabellelauren for winning the January 26 contest.

Here are the terms of the contest.

Write a short story no longer than 2,000 words, based on the topic phrase.

Here is the topic for you short story:

A robot with a learning disability.

Here are the rules for entry

1. Upvote this post.  

2. Resteem this post

3. In your post put a link to this post.  (This is new from previous contests.)

4. Post a link to your story in the comments below.
Entries are due by 12 p.m. EST (New York/D.C. Time) Wednesday Jan 31.  (This actually gives you a little over 24 hours from when I make this post.)

Use the tag twentyfourhourshortstory for your first tag.  

(Don't use # before the tag or it goes over the 24 character limit.  24...24 hour short story contest...Ironic don't you think...)

Feel free to use other tags as you wish.

Prizes are:

5 Steem for First Place (Currently about $25 USD.)

3 Steem for Second Place (Currently about $15 USD.)

And depending on how many entries I receive I may give out Steem for other entries.  But again that all depends on the amount and quality of posts.

(I am personally putting up the rewards for this contest, there be no whales here capt’in.  So upvoting helps keep this thing going.)

Thanks and Good Luck!


I sent you 0.5 steem for your story. You were a few hours late on the deadline and I already read and awarded the other stories. Great story, very good writing. I'll post another contest here soon.

Sorry about the deadline, somehow I thought the deadline was 12 am instead of p.m. It was a pleasure writing for you

Follow me, I'll do another one soon. I'm learning how to do this too

Definitely going to participate in this one

Your post adds insight to me and everyone. Thank you

I believe this is a great idea, but English is not very good. I want to participate very much. They will succeed. Thank you for your good idea.images.jpegDQmdFrxBBT1R2CaAWR3AhX4mrv68Jdr6bUVCnMv9QPGr1tZ.gifDQmPvziZjvqGVmWF87b7gtwyebBQx7gThMdiDN8BRSVHfsS_1680x8400.png

wow...its a big deal..............so kind of you......for your information..........i will be try to participate .......thanks for share.......

Thank you so much! Joy

your post is wonderful

Okay I think I met all the requirements now

Your first tag was supposed to be twentyfourhourshortstory

Yes I realise that, for some reason it won't let me change the tags....

You cant change your first tag once you have posted

Oh that makes since thanks so much for that tip!

Last time it was 8 pm. I'll try next time!!! Joy

This is good feedback I'll remember this for next time. I work from home and I posted it in the morning.

Next time I'll redo it for 8 pm as there seems to be more people in that time and the US.

Great. Can't wait. Joy

I'm writing one but it might be after the time limit, to bad:(

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