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Subscribe to Marconi's Nightmare on Twitch and start enjoying all of our frights and mysteries.

Sit back, relax, and get scared.

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    Series 1 available now at Marconis Nightmare on Twitch

    Featuring 25 of histories most horrendous murderers . Spanning centuries of terror. A world's worth of nightmares. These real life villains stalked, abused, and killed their victims while the public feared for their lives.

    Each card is only 25 bits! You can earn free bits by just watching ads on Twitch. All cards are very limited.

    Every card you collect helps Marconi's Nightmare continue to keep classic and nearly lost horror and suspense programs to the public eye.

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    Series One :

    1."American Classic" Ted Bundy

    2.Nikolay Shubin

    3.Herb Baumeister

    4.Skin Hunters

    5.Karl Denke

    6.Béla Kiss

    7.Joshi-Abhyankar serial murderers

    8.Gong Runbo

    9.Ershad Sikder

    10.Donald Harvey

    11.Monster of Florence

    12.Belle Gunness

    13.Richard Ramirez "American Classic"

    14.Dennis Nilsen

    15.Frederick Bailey Deeming

    16.Lizzie Halliday "Historical First"

    17.Sergey Golovkin

    18.Vaughn Greenwood

    19.Clifford Olsen

    20.Adnan Colak

    21.Johannes Mashiane

    22.Charles Sobhraj

    23.Jeong Namgyu

    24.Jack Mogale

    25.Saeed Hanaei



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