100 Articles on Twitter Curated Publications List

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Twitter has created a new media force that has helped to shape elections, social interactions, news dissemination, moods, and creative new uses like event detection. This form of communication, short messages shared among many, has led to new possibilities for surveying public opinion, making predictions, or forming consensus. It's important with any new cryptocurrency project to understand some fundamentals with community formation in the fast social media age. To this end, here are the top 100 most cited publications that mention Twitter in their title. Hopefully this is helpful for media studies projects and also for those looking for new ways to interact with this new form of media.

  1. "Tracking the release of IPCC AR5 on Twitter: Users, comments, and sources following the release of the Working Group I Summary for Policymakers". TP Newman. 2017. journals.sagepub.com Public Understanding of Science. 13973 cites.
  2. "What is Twitter, a social network or a news media?". H Kwak, C Lee, H Park, S Moon. 2010. dl.acm.org … of the 19th international conference on …. 6434 cites.
  3. "Why we twitter: understanding microblogging usage and communities". A Java, X Song, T Finin, B Tseng. 2007. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 9th WebKDD and …. 3627 cites.
  4. "Earthquake shakes Twitter users: real-time event detection by social sensors". T Sakaki, M Okazaki, Y Matsuo. 2010. dl.acm.org … of the 19th international conference on …. 3619 cites.
  5. "Twitter mood predicts the stock market". J Bollen, H Mao, X Zeng. 2011. Elsevier Journal of computational science. 3485 cites.
  6. "Measuring user influence in twitter: The million follower fallacy.". M Cha, H Haddadi, F Benevenuto, PK Gummadi. 2010. aaai.org Icwsm. 3075 cites.
  7. "I tweet honestly, I tweet passionately: Twitter users, context collapse, and the imagined audience". AE Marwick, D Boyd. 2011. journals.sagepub.com New media & society. 2449 cites.
  8. "Twitter as a corpus for sentiment analysis and opinion mining.". A Pak, P Paroubek. 2010. crowdsourcing-class.org LREc. 2400 cites.
  9. "Twitter power: Tweets as electronic word of mouth". BJ Jansen, M Zhang, K Sobel…. 2009. Wiley Online Library Journal of the American …. 2351 cites.
  10. "Predicting elections with twitter: What 140 characters reveal about political sentiment.". A Tumasjan, TO Sprenger, PG Sandner, IM Welpe. 2010. aaai.org Icwsm. 2303 cites.
  11. "Twitter sentiment classification using distant supervision". A Go, R Bhayani, L Huang. 2009. academia.edu CS224N Project Report, Stanford. 2092 cites.
  12. "Everyone's an influencer: quantifying influence on twitter". E Bakshy, JM Hofman, WA Mason…. 2011. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the fourth …. 1598 cites.
  13. "Tweet, tweet, retweet: Conversational aspects of retweeting on twitter". D Boyd, S Golder, G Lotan. 2010. ieeexplore.ieee.org System sciences (hicss), 2010 …. 1597 cites.
  14. "Social networks that matter: Twitter under the microscope". BA Huberman, DM Romero, F Wu. 2008. arxiv.org arXiv preprint arXiv:0812.1045. 1499 cites.
  15. "The effect of Twitter on college student engagement and grades". R Junco, G Heiberger, E Loken. 2011. Wiley Online Library Journal of computer assisted …. 1403 cites.
  16. "Sentiment analysis of twitter data". A Agarwal, B Xie, I Vovsha, O Rambow…. 2011. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the …. 1229 cites.
  17. "Beyond microblogging: Conversation and collaboration via Twitter". C Honey, SC Herring. 2009. ieeexplore.ieee.org System Sciences, 2009. HICSS'09. 42nd …. 1223 cites.
  18. "Microblogging during two natural hazards events: what twitter may contribute to situational awareness". S Vieweg, AL Hughes, K Starbird, L Palen. 2010. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the SIGCHI …. 1200 cites.
  19. "Information credibility on twitter". C Castillo, M Mendoza, B Poblete. 2011. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 20th international …. 1159 cites.
  20. "How and why people Twitter: the role that micro-blogging plays in informal communication at work". D Zhao, MB Rosson. 2009. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the ACM 2009 international …. 1133 cites.
  21. "Want to be retweeted? large scale analytics on factors impacting retweet in twitter network". B Suh, L Hong, P Pirolli, EH Chi. 2010. ieeexplore.ieee.org 2010 IEEE Second …. 1034 cites.
  22. "You are where you tweet: a content-based approach to geo-locating twitter users". Z Cheng, J Caverlee, K Lee. 2010. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 19th ACM international …. 1013 cites.
  23. "Who says what to whom on twitter". S Wu, JM Hofman, WA Mason, DJ Watts. 2011. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 20th …. 997 cites.
  24. "Twitter sentiment analysis: The good the bad and the omg!". E Kouloumpis, T Wilson, JD Moore. 2011. aaai.org Icwsm. 988 cites.
  25. "Differences in the mechanics of information diffusion across topics: idioms, political hashtags, and complex contagion on twitter". DM Romero, B Meeder, J Kleinberg. 2011. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 20th …. 976 cites.
  26. "Twitter adoption and use in mass convergence and emergency events". AL Hughes, L Palen. 2009. Citeseer International journal of emergency management. 963 cites.
  27. "Modeling public mood and emotion: Twitter sentiment and socio-economic phenomena.". J Bollen, H Mao, A Pepe. 2011. aaai.org Icwsm. 961 cites.
  28. "Comparing twitter and traditional media using topic models". WX Zhao, J Jiang, J Weng, J He, EP Lim…. 2011. Springer European conference on …. 953 cites.
  29. "Political polarization on twitter.". M Conover, J Ratkiewicz, MR Francisco, B Gonçalves…. 2011. aaai.org Icwsm. 930 cites.
  30. "Pandemics in the age of Twitter: content analysis of Tweets during the 2009 H1N1 outbreak". C Chew, G Eysenbach. 2010. journals.plos.org PloS one. 921 cites.
  31. "Robust sentiment detection on twitter from biased and noisy data". L Barbosa, J Feng. 2010. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 23rd international conference on …. 877 cites.
  32. "A few chirps about twitter". B Krishnamurthy, P Gill, M Arlitt. 2008. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the first workshop on …. 869 cites.
  33. "Twittermonitor: trend detection over the twitter stream". M Mathioudakis, N Koudas. 2010. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 2010 ACM SIGMOD …. 843 cites.
  34. "Twitter Under Crisis: Can we trust what we RT?". M Mendoza, B Poblete, C Castillo. 2010. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the first workshop on …. 830 cites.
  35. "Part-of-speech tagging for twitter: Annotation, features, and experiments". K Gimpel, N Schneider, B O'Connor, D Das, D Mills…. 2010. dtic.mil . 813 cites.
  36. "Information contagion: An empirical study of the spread of news on Digg and Twitter social networks.". K Lerman, R Ghosh. 2010. aaai.org Icwsm. 808 cites.
  37. "The use of Twitter to track levels of disease activity and public concern in the US during the influenza A H1N1 pandemic". A Signorini, AM Segre, PM Polgreen. 2011. journals.plos.org PloS one. 774 cites.
  38. "A tale of two sites: Twitter vs. Facebook and the personality predictors of social media usage". DJ Hughes, M Rowe, M Batey, A Lee. 2012. Elsevier Computers in Human Behavior. 764 cites.
  39. "Empirical study of topic modeling in twitter". L Hong, BD Davison. 2010. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the first workshop on social media …. 761 cites.
  40. "Short text classification in twitter to improve information filtering". B Sriram, D Fuhry, E Demir…. 2010. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 33rd …. 755 cites.
  41. "You are what you Tweet: Analyzing Twitter for public health.". MJ Paul, M Dredze. 2011. aaai.org Icwsm. 755 cites.
  42. "Detecting spammers on twitter". F Benevenuto, G Magno, T Rodrigues…. 2010. academia.edu … messaging, anti-abuse …. 740 cites.
  43. "Take two aspirin and tweet me in the morning: how Twitter, Facebook, and other social media are reshaping health care". C Hawn. 2009. healthaffairs.org Health affairs. 731 cites.
  44. "Enhanced sentiment learning using twitter hashtags and smileys". D Davidov, O Tsur, A Rappoport. 2010. dl.acm.org … of the 23rd international conference on …. 706 cites.
  45. "Sentiment in Twitter events". M Thelwall, K Buckley…. 2011. Wiley Online Library Journal of the American …. 700 cites.
  46. "How large US companies can use Twitter and other social media to gain business value.". MJ Culnan, PJ McHugh, JI Zubillaga. 2010. misqe.org MIS Quarterly Executive. 698 cites.
  47. "Target-dependent twitter sentiment classification". L Jiang, M Yu, M Zhou, X Liu, T Zhao. 2011. dl.acm.org … of the 49th Annual Meeting of the …. 686 cites.
  48. "Beyond Trending Topics: Real-World Event Identification on Twitter.". H Becker, M Naaman, L Gravano. 2011. aaai.org Icwsm. 681 cites.
  49. "Event detection in twitter.". J Weng, BS Lee. 2011. aaai.org ICWSM. 675 cites.
  50. "Normalizing Twitter: Journalism practice in an emerging communication space". DL Lasorsa, SC Lewis, AE Holton. 2012. Taylor & Francis Journalism studies. 675 cites.
  51. "Can tweets predict citations? Metrics of social impact based on Twitter and correlation with traditional metrics of scientific impact". G Eysenbach. 2011. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Journal of medical Internet research. 669 cites.
  52. "Tweet this: A uses and gratifications perspective on how active Twitter use gratifies a need to connect with others". GM Chen. 2011. Elsevier Computers in Human Behavior. 663 cites.
  53. "To see and be seen: Celebrity practice on Twitter". A Marwick, D Boyd. 2011. journals.sagepub.com Convergence. 662 cites.
  54. "Tweeting the night away: Using Twitter to enhance social presence". JC Dunlap, PR Lowenthal. 2009. patricklowenthal.com Journal of Information Systems …. 657 cites.
  55. "Twitter use by the US Congress". J Golbeck, JM Grimes, A Rogers. 2010. Wiley Online Library Journal of the American …. 655 cites.
  56. "How does brand-related user-generated content differ across YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter?". AN Smith, E Fischer, C Yongjian. 2012. Elsevier Journal of interactive marketing. 629 cites.
  57. "Streaming first story detection with application to twitter". S Petrović, M Osborne, V Lavrenko. 2010. dl.acm.org … The 2010 annual conference of the …. 610 cites.
  58. "Is the medium the message? Perceptions of and reactions to crisis communication via twitter, blogs and traditional media". F Schultz, S Utz, A Göritz. 2011. Elsevier Public relations review. 596 cites.
  59. "Do altmetrics work? Twitter and ten other social web services". M Thelwall, S Haustein, V Larivière, CR Sugimoto. 2013. journals.plos.org PloS one. 595 cites.
  60. "[email protected] twitter". A Toshniwal, S Taneja, A Shukla…. 2014. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the …. 578 cites.
  61. "Towards detecting influenza epidemics by analyzing Twitter messages". A Culotta. 2010. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the first workshop on social media …. 572 cites.
  62. "SemEval-2016 task 4: Sentiment analysis in Twitter". P Nakov, A Ritter, S Rosenthal, F Sebastiani…. 2016. aclweb.org Proceedings of the 10th …. 567 cites.
  63. "Understanding the Demographics of Twitter Users.". A Mislove, S Lehmann, YY Ahn, JP Onnela…. 2011. aaai.org ICWSM. 552 cites.
  64. "Emerging topic detection on twitter based on temporal and social terms evaluation". M Cataldi, L Di Caro, C Schifanella. 2010. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the tenth …. 549 cites.
  65. "Mining the Social Web: Data Mining Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, GitHub, and More". MA Russell. 2013. books.google.com . 544 cites.
  66. "Learning sentiment-specific word embedding for twitter sentiment classification". D Tang, F Wei, N Yang, M Zhou, T Liu…. 2014. aclweb.org Proceedings of the 52nd …. 537 cites.
  67. "Classifying latent user attributes in twitter". D Rao, D Yarowsky, A Shreevats, M Gupta. 2010. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 2nd …. 534 cites.
  68. "Dissemination of health information through social networks: Twitter and antibiotics". D Scanfeld, V Scanfeld, EL Larson. 2010. Elsevier American journal of infection control. 525 cites.
  69. "Sentiment knowledge discovery in twitter streaming data". A Bifet, E Frank. 2010. Springer International conference on discovery science. 521 cites.
  70. "Imagining Twitter as an imagined community". A Gruzd, B Wellman…. 2011. journals.sagepub.com American Behavioral …. 520 cites.
  71. "Studying political microblogging: Twitter users in the 2010 Swedish election campaign". AO Larsson, H Moe. 2012. journals.sagepub.com New Media & Society. 518 cites.
  72. "Social interaction via new social media:(How) can interactions on Twitter affect effectual thinking and behavior?". E Fischer, AR Reuber. 2011. Elsevier Journal of business venturing. 503 cites.
  73. "Recommending twitter users to follow using content and collaborative filtering approaches". J Hannon, M Bennett, B Smyth. 2010. dl.acm.org … of the fourth ACM conference on …. 501 cites.
  74. "Twitter catches the flu: detecting influenza epidemics using Twitter". E Aramaki, S Maskawa, M Morita. 2011. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the conference on …. 500 cites.
  75. "Discriminating gender on Twitter". JD Burger, J Henderson, G Kim, G Zarrella. 2011. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the …. 496 cites.
  76. "Geography of Twitter networks". Y Takhteyev, A Gruzd, B Wellman. 2012. Elsevier Social networks. 493 cites.
  77. "Engaging stakeholders through Twitter: How nonprofit organizations are getting more out of 140 characters or less". K Lovejoy, RD Waters, GD Saxton. 2012. Elsevier Public Relations Review. 490 cites.
  78. "Characterizing debate performance via aggregated twitter sentiment". NA Diakopoulos, DA Shamma. 2010. dl.acm.org … of the SIGCHI Conference on Human …. 478 cites.
  79. "Predicting popular messages in twitter". L Hong, O Dan, BD Davison. 2011. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 20th international …. 471 cites.
  80. "Don't follow me: Spam detection in twitter". AH Wang. 2010. ieeexplore.ieee.org … and cryptography (SECRYPT), proceedings of the …. 469 cites.
  81. "Open domain event extraction from twitter". A Ritter, O Etzioni, S Clark. 2012. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 18th ACM SIGKDD …. 464 cites.
  82. "Temporal patterns of happiness and information in a global social network: Hedonometrics and Twitter". PS Dodds, KD Harris, IM Kloumann, CA Bliss…. 2011. journals.plos.org PloS one. 462 cites.
  83. "Dialogic communication in 140 characters or less: How Fortune 500 companies engage stakeholders using Twitter". S Rybalko, T Seltzer. 2010. Elsevier Public relations review. 456 cites.
  84. "A Machine Learning Approach to Twitter User Classification.". M Pennacchiotti, AM Popescu. 2011. aaai.org Icwsm. 456 cites.
  85. "Predicting stock market indicators through twitter “I hope it is not as bad as I fear”". X Zhang, H Fuehres, PA Gloor. 2011. Elsevier Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences. 450 cites.
  86. "Social-Media-Marketing: Strategien für Twitter, Facebook & Co". T Weinberg, W Ladwig, C Pahrmann. 2012. books.google.com . 447 cites.
  87. "Using twitter to recommend real-time topical news". O Phelan, K McCarthy, B Smyth. 2009. dl.acm.org … of the third ACM conference on …. 445 cites.
  88. "Lexical normalisation of short text messages: Makn sens a# twitter". B Han, T Baldwin. 2011. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 49th Annual Meeting of the …. 440 cites.
  89. "Dynamic debates: An analysis of group polarization over time on twitter". S Yardi, D Boyd. 2010. journals.sagepub.com Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society. 438 cites.
  90. "Can we use Twitter for educational activities". G Grosseck, C Holotescu. 2008. academia.edu 4th international scientific conference …. 437 cites.
  91. "Social media and the organization of collective action: Using Twitter to explore the ecologies of two climate change protests". A Segerberg, WL Bennett. 2011. Taylor & Francis The Communication Review. 433 cites.
  92. "Predicting the Speed, Scale, and Range of Information Diffusion in Twitter.". J Yang, S Counts. 2010. aaai.org Icwsm. 427 cites.
  93. "A system for real-time twitter sentiment analysis of 2012 us presidential election cycle". H Wang, D Can, A Kazemzadeh, F Bar…. 2012. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the ACL …. 417 cites.
  94. "The use of Twitter hashtags in the formation of ad hoc publics". A Bruns, JE Burgess. 2011. eprints.qut.edu.au … of the 6th European Consortium for …. 410 cites.
  95. "Who is tweeting on Twitter: human, bot, or cyborg?". Z Chu, S Gianvecchio, H Wang, S Jajodia. 2010. dl.acm.org Proceedings of the 26th …. 410 cites.
  96. "Predicting the political alignment of twitter users". MD Conover, B Gonçalves, J Ratkiewicz…. 2011. ieeexplore.ieee.org … , Security, Risk and …. 402 cites.
  97. "Modeling users' activity on twitter networks: Validation of dunbar's number". B Gonçalves, N Perra, A Vespignani. 2011. journals.plos.org PloS one. 389 cites.
  98. "Election forecasts with Twitter: How 140 characters reflect the political landscape". A Tumasjan, TO Sprenger…. 2011. journals.sagepub.com Social science …. 389 cites.
  99. "Ambient affiliation: A linguistic perspective on Twitter". M Zappavigna. 2011. journals.sagepub.com New media & society. 377 cites.
  100. "What the hashtag? A content analysis of Canadian politics on Twitter". TA Small. 2011. Taylor & Francis Information, communication & society. 376 cites.


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Not fully automated because there is a lot of value in curation.

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