Twitter CEO Declares Bitcoin To Be "World Currency" Within A Decade; Facebook Flounders

in #twitter4 years ago

Perhaps Twitter's ad ban on cryptocurrency is merely Bitcoin maximalism, rather than pure anti-cryptocurrency sentiment.

Twit 1.jpg

I still find BookFace pretty scary, personally.

In a commentary I wasn't exactly expecting so soon after the Twitter ad ban, Twitter (and Square payment processor) Jack Dorsey has come out oddly optimistic on Bitcoin, saying he sees it taking the throne of "global digital currency" within 10 years.

Nevertheless, Twitter does not yet appear to accept Bitcoin payments for advertising contracts, rendering a slight discontinuity in the logic being applied here.

Facebook, on the other hand, is far too busy with their cratering stock price and fleeing investors. As of yesterday, you can add Mozilla (the organization behind the browser Firefox) and Commerzbank to the list of advertisers who will no longer do business with Facebook.

Twit 2.png

Oops, Zucky lost millions, oh noes.

This is actually a pretty gruesome stock chart, it's just that we are used to such aggressive market carnage in crypto that we forget mainstream, systemically critical stocks like Facebook don't just dump 10%+ without causing worldwide financial ramifications. The amount of investor capital vaporized in this stock dump is enormous, as Facebook alone remains over triple the market cap of Bitcoin itself.

I'm really enjoying watching the unwashed masses turn on Facebook suddenly, now that they have heard about Cambridge Analytica. I have been telling everyone that Facebook has been datamining them and selling that information to the highest bidder, who is usually either a corrupt corporation or globalist, or their puppet politicians. Facebook is an active threat to Democracy, Income Equality, Human Happiness and basically everything good and just.

All I got was years and years of accusations of being a conspiracy theorist for having the gall to refuse to assume a faceless corporation started by a thieving college douche didn't have my best interests at heart.

I truly can't wait for this pig to die, in case you haven't been reading my blog. The day Facebook finally collapses will be a great day for humanity and human happiness. I look forward to welcoming our new "MyBook" overlords.

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Copyright: The Office, NASDAQ, Facebook


Glad Facebook took a dive. They never really had a reason to stop the crypto ads

apparently FBI had forced them

for what reason?

unfortunatelly Im not fully aware. I said apparently because I only read it somewhere on steemit but I didnt really do much research. Hope I didnt repeat some nonesense :)

Agreed FB selling peoples information and profiting on unsuspecting citizens.

They are not the only ones. Just the biggest to get caught.

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Glad to see fb's stocks got such an crazy sharp decline there, hope it continues, all the way to 0. I'm sick and tired of them making money on billions of unsuspecting sheeple. + all the spying and whatnot.

Yeah, maybe it will made them think and stop this stupid ban.

"In the end, the world will come to a single currency, the Internet will come to a single currency. I personally think it will be bitcoin, " Jack Dorsey said.

bitcoin will never be the one as it cant handle even 300k transactions let alone billions that would be necessary for it to be a real currency used worldwide

ye they are too much of a monopoly. lol sheeple to true unfortunately! saw on the news the other day they had given away 57 billion friendships!! how insane is that?!

How will Mark Zuckerberg pay for his "how to act human" classes after?

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Wow, that will be a great news to the steemit world. Hope the huge businesses will see the potential of crypto in the market.

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I believe in future; people will be divided into two parts of crypto protagonists and antagonists.

But I see that coming too

I hope so too. But this digital currency looks like it's going to Unit the world.

More accurately, three groups. Protagonists, antagonists, and a larger group of people that just don't care. Most people just want to get on with their lives.

Everyone wants to get on with their lives, if you were not involved with cryptocurrencies in any way, would you have cared anything about it?

It is just a matter of whose interest lies where. Everyone pursues their interests, and everyone believes they are right.

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Yeah, I agree that is kinda happening already. People are very proud of opposing crypto.

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This willall blow over. Most people don’t care about their data (at least not yet) as they don’t understand the impact. If you offer a model where Facebook is free but they can sell your data, or a model where they have to pay a small amount to have an account and virtually all will immediately sign up to the free version!!

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Zimbabwe is the end game.

A very good news an that too from such a powerful guy who dominates the social media god bless to all crypto investor

Hopefully people will realize the truth about fb, and move over to Decentralized platforms. Same with banks. Well, same with everything. Time has come for people to retake its power.

You’ll hate me for saying this but I think in a year Facebook will be well above their old pre dump price. Hopefully I’m wrong.

Hmm that is interesting because of what you mentioned about the cryptocurrency advertisement ban on Twitter, I guess I can see them trying to adopt their own cryptocurrency first too.

Thanks for sharing

What's new here, in the pronouncement? I alreay knew Bitcoin to be a "global (world) digital currency" long before now. All the same, thanks to Jack Dorsey for stating the obvious in the face of increasing attacks from the establishments and their partner corporations. Cryptos rule, dazzol!!!

It's about who, not what.

Not sure why the Cambridge Analytica "news" comes as such a surprise to the masses. Are they unaware of the IM transcript leak in 2009 where Book Face himself called the first few thousand Facebook users "dumb fucks" for trusting him??!! That was the first and final straw for me.

I'm with you on this one Lexi, I will be dancing on FB's grave sort of speak... With the recent fiasco it's simply painfully obvious that all the fears people who do not partake of Kool Aid binges were dead on accurate.

I stopped using facebook a couple of years ago, before I even got involved with Steem.

As much as I would like to believe on a positive intention behind twitter's move I simply cant follow that at all... Here is my speculation.... What if they will release some token of their own? That would explain the necessity to sweep the front of the house...

What if likes become monetized? (dramatic music)

That would make sense to me... I guess we will have to show up when they send out the ribbon invitations.

Do you know what I really really love on Twitter and I heavilly recommend you to check out @lexiconical? Nouriel Roubini's page. Check @nouriel out on tweeter, read his tweets and comments and thank me later.

I do it everyday and it's a blast!

Ah, yes, I'm familiar with him!

It's good to see positive spin from the tech main stream. My take on the advertising bans is that these companies are taking these actions for two reasons that you hear little discussion over. The first is simply a defensive legal stance until it is clear where they stand with the SEC and other regulatory agencies. If they host ads to sketchy or fraudulent projects, it's not hard to imagine their legal teams telling them to be cautious. The second is more nefarious. How long before a company like Facebook spins up their own alt-coin and then makes it the only one usable on their platform or at the very least makes it much easier to use than other popular cryptos?

Agreed on both counts. FB is already talking about paying content contributors, etc...

Cryptocoins cannot replace the national currencies of each country. To be competitive in their exports, countries need to have control over their own currencies in order to revalue or devalue them according to their needs. A world currency imply a world government, a world tax policy, the same level of wages and equal rights (costs) throughout the world, which in the coming decades is a utopia. At best, the best blockchain technology (faster, safer and cheaper) can be used to intermediate the conversion of the nacional currencies. Maybe it will be possible a worldwide chosen common cryptocurrency to intermediate the conversion of nacional currencies. In other words, this worldwide chosen cryptcoin (I think it will be XRP) will have a variable conversion rate defined by the central banks of each country and It's value will be stable and not defines by its stock market value.

"A world currency imply a world government, a world tax policy, the same level of wages and equal rights (costs) throughout the world, which in the coming decades is a utopia."

I disagree with this assumption. You are describing a CENTRALIZED world currency. The rest of your observations flow from this fault.

I would agree with what you had to say if we were dealing with a UN-issued world currency, or something like the Bancor which they used to talk about...

Indeed, well put....

The TRUE concept of decentralization is something that illudes a lot of people still.

Unlike communism, it is viable, and not only viable but the way forward. Decentralization is a concept that even countless people using the word on a daily basis don't grasp what they're talking about because the paradigm is so different.

Great post!
now i am following you,upvoted this post and resteemed

Facebook finally getting an informal audit through this. The power it has over our culture and populace give it a strong influence over our society that could pose significant privacy risks. This community out of all should care about the rammifications to online identities. Lets keep our own fight Steeming along!

Maybe Jack has a good amount of bitcoins.

ha ha book face sounds funny, many people has complain against fb and most of my mets says its waste of time still they wasting their time there 😂😂😂

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Twitter CEO said the fact and it is really gonna rock in future . Truth has been spoken rightly. Bitcoin is gonna put some fire in currency's world.
#bitcoinrock #cryptorocks #steemitlove
Thanks for sharing such informative post

the thing is that you cannot stop bitcoin because its not a centralized currency and it is not controlled by USA China Russia or whatever. Its a decentralized currency and u cannot stop it.

His words reveal his intention to do something new and not just repeat the words of others

So much negative news around cryptocurrency, market manipulation by FUD!

Twitter CEO telling us what we already know. Information is a currency 💱 x. So am not surprised FB is cashing out from it.

For years we've been told we're living in the age of information.

I love you

I think cryptocurrency will get bigger platform in near future.

Jack has put money where his mouth is as he along side with an interesting group of investors have funded the Lightning Network project via Lightning Labs [David Sacks (former PayPal COO) and the awesome Charlie Lee included (Litecoin creator)]. Making a faster and scalable network will go a long way to making Bitcoin and others a viable and reliable payment processing asset as well.

Good post.
Facebook has done piracy. It will lose its fame soon, it is already into too many controversies these days

Sadly i think facebook will recover from this. I just hope this hooha can be good for steemit.

There is so little media coverage on this platform and its cryptocurrency.

Why has twitter accepted bitcoin, do they have problems with cryto market?... thanks for posting

I see, read and enjoy your post, steady and innovative. thanks for sharing

The should kukuma join the crypto ship and stop fighting it.

This is big news. Regardless of if it actually comes to fruition, just the fact that Bitcoin and Crypto keep becoming more and more talked about in the media is HUGE! The more it is talked about, the more accepted and understood it becomes. I certainly believe that there is a big future for cryptocurrencies! Good post. -Respect

Fiat and governments will rule the day as they have for milleniums. It's hard for sane voices to be heard above all this noise.

Thanks for the info
Bitcoin came through

Thanks for the update

Doesn't Bitcoin already have the throne of the "global digital currency?" I don't know about this Jack Dorsey guy he has never really been on a business winning streak only a hype one over the years. Square has gone flat and Twitter with all of its user and worldwide publicity still can't make any money.

With that said we are in for some changes but we need more time to lets things settle down.

In terms of facebook I like you have been railing against their schemes for years. They are the absolute worse and as you can see from Zuckerberg, they have no plans to change.

We have to be mindful about these places where people gather. Strange things can happen and agendas can cause people to get hurt especially when there is the prospect of making money.

The model is a difficult balancing personal advancement with community good. It takes a group in charge who both cares and is really switched on.

thanks for ,this news

The writers like you need the steemit community. By doing so you can succeed in providing us very good information. I am proud that I am part of this society. I read every article you need. And indeed I responded very much to you and your articles.

I know you can climb the highest mountains. Never lose faith in yourself. Good luck!

All the best for a bright future! May there be success at every turn of life and all your dreams come true!

Even my steemit link is ban in facebook i was surprised and pissed off actually but what can i do im just glad i found steemit i can post my airdrop and bounty link here, sad to say that twitter is also regulating some crypto related links and my twitter account has locked many times so i do not post my link there anymore i just retweets and post some of my blogs n steemit. Thank you for sharing this in our community your information is very helpful for a newbie like me.

It will at least be a concurrency

Sorry - damn autocorrect

Meaning it exists alongside other currencies.

Very interesting and informative news.
How do you reckon this will affect Steemit/Steem? . if at all. .

Telling people about data hoarders like FB has been an exercise in futility. I've always gotten the reaction; "well I don't put anything sensitive on there anyway".... until now. All of a sudden that warning we've been giving them for the past 10 years kicks like a Mule...

Been observing twitter economics for a while now. SMH everytime I see crypto gurus and celebrities spending 99% of their time just yapping, and not transacting / spreading crypto as often as they could be. With the convenience of infinite fake accounts and likes, its just another platform ripe for manipulation.

Eh, i don't think bitcoin has a great future. Mining gets harder and harder, long transaction times, high fees, high power consumption, long blockchain... There is so many Problems with it. Proof of stake is probably a better alternative. or maybe a combination of PoS and PoW. But PoW on it's own is kinda doomed.

I believe in future..........without your hard work no good future to be found.

It really is a shame what Facebook has done with its users information and usage patterns. Good article!

wow amazing what a great news for steem world. great for cryptocurrency

death to facebook !

It is still unclear about twitter owner. Is he planning of creating his own coin (twit coin) or trying to invest largely on bitcoin.
The heat is already on Mark, facebook lost over $4 billion dollars recently and seems more are still coming. Lets wait and see what happens in few weeks

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I am happy to see, read and enjoy your post amazingly innovative. Thanks for sharing.

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and keep it up....

I was expecting this to be a copy of the twitter post but it was soooo much better - Following. Didn't he recently sell a lot of his stock - he must have known this was coming! Thieving rat he is.

thats worth somethings

when will bull run start?

for future viewers price of bitcoin at the moment of posting is imagena

Yes it is true that people still use facebook even though they have a great platform like steemit because most do not realize or their countries have banned sites like steemit.You know now a days I really don't use facebook because it's a waste of time and at that time I can use the steemit and earn money as well as meet with extraordinary people like you @lexiconical

Thanks for imformation @lexiconical
Yes it is true that people still use facebook even though they have a great platform like steemit because most do not realize or their countries have banned sites like steemit.You know now a days I really don't use facebook because it's a waste of time and at that time I can use the steemit and earn money as well as meet with extraordinary people like you @lexiconical

And with the fall of facebook came the rise of,, and dtube. Welcome to the future ladies and getlemen.

@oladokun, 2018

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Interesting. Mozilla and Firefox have turned their backs on Facebook. Others will surely follow. A great opportunity for Steemit!

It is clear for me that crypto is a future. But I wouldn't give the whole monopoly to the hands of Bitcoin. Plurality of currencies will stay.
I am eventually convinced, Bitcoin will turn into antiquity later and different more-modern currencies will take all its place. This is just my opinion. But Bitcoin will never be alone.

It doesn't have to be Bitcoin to become a World Currency actually, can be anything else or many of them. What is more important, the financial institutes have to change now because of the Bitcoin. And this one is so amazing to witness!

Every good Revolution was once disrupted and tried to be abolished. But the goodness in the revolution always kept the movement ongoing. History has been proven several times and this time again Crypto Currencies with block chain revolution would surely change the way of day to day banking is done. this for sure is going to be revolutionized !!!

Today twitter banned crypto ads - tomorrow facebook, twitter are the biggest losers - the government has used them, and people will choose freedom - as usualtwitter-crypto-coin-ico.png

Awesome I love the fact that we have a young innovative CEO giving credibility to crypto currency. Jack Dorsey will be the next Warren Buffet.

More and more people see that, 2018 is gonne be exciting for crypto!

I'd like to see some strong actions against monopolies.

Isn't that what DOJ is supposed to be focused on ??

Instead of all the Russian collusion BS that the Demos are trying to distract uswith

please follow and vote me

The game is changing even though Bancks are trying hard to fight it because they see it as a big threat that will make them lose control over people's money that they use to profit from..!

But its a big boys fight anyway .. So we'll see the outcomes!

the bitcoin, ethereum or other cryptos has to be world currency because people must have an alternative to Central Banks Fiats Money,,,,, they are just Printing and distributing to other banks(bailing them out),,,,,
You can't do this forever,,,,,someday people will know your(central bank's) misdeeds and they will adopt other Trusted Means(bitcoin or other cryptos) to avoid their Fiat Currency...........
Cryptos empowers people more than anyting else................

'bright facebook take dive , there are no reason to stop the crypto ads .

I get it, LMMFAO

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