Yes in the theory that true. Yet Obama also tried to pass laws with EX. Orders and his are still in the courts. So while they are not supposed to make laws. They make "rules" so he can try to say that that now people can sue social media sites for blocking their free speech. And it then become up to courts to allow that order.

Presidents and other state leaders can always try to bend rules but that's just politics, it has no legal ground. In some countries president only has ceremonial status and can't do any real work. President is just kind of single face that represents the country abroad along with foreign minister who represents the government.

Ya doesn't quite work like that. DACA is a big example. That Presidental Order is blocking a lot of people from getting deported.

Mind you not taking a stance on DACA here just pointing out that the orders have in the past overwritten other laws. It has to do with the power of the president's office. He has a lot of power in the constitution. I still don't know how this will go but I don't think it is clear cut.

Executive orders should not overwrite laws, they can just modify how existing laws should be interpreted if there is a conflict between two laws, or a law and international treaty. Like I said earlier this week, president has authority that others need to respect even if president does something they don't agree with.

In many countries president has right to pardon convicted criminals. As illegal entry to a country is a crime, president has right to block deportation.

Executive orders are in effect until expired (by current president or because of explicit expiration date) or declared against law.