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We have caught a nice buzz lately on Steem!

Let's keep up the pace with some Steem Twitter Memes!


I will be giving away Steem Power to the best New Steem Meme/GIF!
After all the memes have been submitted by the contest deadline, a dpoll will take place. The dpoll details will be posted at the end of this contest.

Prizes for the #NewSteem Meme/GIF Contest:

1st place: 530 Steem Power + 5,300 Steem Power delegation for one year.

2nd place: 530 Steem Power

3rd place: 260 Steem Power

4-8th: 80 Steem Power

Everyone will get upvotes for participating!

Creative video GIFS will earn extra credit, I will give large upvotes to GIF contributions.


This is my Twitter #NEWSTEEM Gif I Tweeted for inspiration. :) https://twitter.com/TheycallmeDan_/status/1164732055197900800

@OCD will be giving out upvotes to contributors as well! If you want to contribute with Steem donations or upvotes, reach out to me and I will edit your name in this post. Cheers!

TO ENTER: Post your Twitter links to your #NEWSTEEM Meme/Gifs below!
Your tweet must include both the hashtags #NEWSTEEM & #STEEM - with a New Steem meme/gif to be eligible. Bonus points if you add reasons why you like New Steem.


Thanks a lot to @blocktrades for supporting my art!🙏 And Blessings to everyone☄🍀
STEEM On!!!😁🚀🌚

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I like your approach!


Now no one will stop us haha!

Haha this is brilliant :D


Old steem is not that bad.



My entry right here sire! I hope you like it.



Lol !! enjoying memes here and also made one ! Nice initiative and contest @theycallmedan.


The New Generation of Steem


Old steem New steem

Old steem is like a new born bird but now it become a very big high flying bird.

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Hi @theycallmedan

Great idea to get the #newsteem meme and gifs rolling out on twitter. I did a bit of video editing tonight before I go away on holiday tomorrow, and came up with this promotional gif and wrote some words about the benefits of newsteem.

Twitter tweet link: https://twitter.com/rowanj808/status/1165004340014305286?s=20

And screenshot...

Screenshot (538).png

and the gif

Old Stem Vs New Steem

Old Steem - New Steem - All the same

What would you like to make of it then?

@benedict08, this really cracks me up😂 Good job! You must love memes a lot. Good luck and may you win this contest!👍

HAHAHA! This one's epic!

Cool idea! Can't wait to take some breaks from our work over the next few days to just browse the tag and see what people come up with! :D

Nice! Thank you for supporting NewSteem!

i like "antes" more, you should turn them around :-)

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On reflection, you're quite right.

I should have placed vice versa, depending on what point of view you see.

pd: I am with you ;)

Really a good event for developing steams. Hopefully the price of steem will increase with frequent competition events. Have a nice day, sir.

I have created first meme of my life and I have so many meme ideas.
One question how many entries per person.
Here is the link of my meme on Twitter:-

And this is my meme:-

Definitely I'm in and will publish a meme after learning the process of making a meme( I'm gonna learn something new!). Btw, will new steem be capable of stopping people like haejin from milking steem?

What makes the difference between new Steem and old Steem? I probably missed an update or fork just curious what changed?

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can i participate withe 2 or more meme..?
Will it increase my chances of winning ..?

The contest will be voted by the community, so I am sure people who make more memes/gifs then others have a better shot, however, at the end of the day the highest quality memes/gifs will likely win out over a bunch of average ones. So I would focus on make a smaller amount of high-quality memes/gifs over blasting a ton out.

Wooo great, always keeping the Steemit community active, I'm sure I participate :D

This outstanding! The new steem has a new angle on incentives

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Awesome contest!!🍀😁

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Got my thinking cap on for something better, but this immediately popped into my brain, so I went with it for now.

Here's my tweet - https://twitter.com/TraciYorkWriter/status/1165144743958994945

And the gif...

old steem new steem.gif

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

Here is my entry for #NEWSTEEM MEME CONTEST:

#Newsteem is a place where everyone will grow. No need for hoarding of votes as 50/50 curation will favour both quality content creators and curators alike.

Thanks @Theycallmedan for thinking this

Not really participating, but I wanted to join the fun.

I don't appreciate your negative attitude... but that's funny right there.

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You will be fascinated with all the content that is waiting for you.

Share this video with EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. Let people know that STEEM has been renewed, give yourself the opportunity to belong to the new era.

Can I submit multiple entries at once? like 5 entries..1 video meme 1 gif meme and 3 photo meme.

Yes. although it is quality over quantity, but if you can produce multiple quality entries, more power to you!


Now that is funny! Click that second gif and you will find out why I am excited about #newsteem there @theycallmedan. Plus you will see some really neat memes created by the brains behind the tag #newsteem, @whatsup (she probably hasn't enter the contest because her memes will win hands down, clever gal).

Well folks. My entry to not disappoint. };)


No twitter post but here's one I made

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And another

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Thank you for this contest and here is my entry on Twitter.
Good luck to all!

Go, go, go to the New Steem!

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