2 Sen Finance _ Part 1 : Saving and Invest

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How to save your money effectively!


"Do Not Save What Is Left After Spending, Spend What Is Left After Saving" - Warren Buffet

Step 1.: Prioritizes on your Needs. (The Essential) exp. Loans, petrol, grocery, education. etc

Step 2.: Have a short term and long term goal and start strategies Saving amount before spend

Step 3.: Finally, spend for the wants. (Non Essential and keep it to minimum as possible)

Step 4.: If there are balance from spending? Congratulation, you spend less and save up more!

Congratulation! you successfully save up portion of your income.



"Never depend on single income. make investment to create a second source meaning" -- Warren Buffet

Next, we help you to grow your saving with an investment for your long term and short term goal.

If you do not have any goal yet, better do so, May be for your retirement, children education or even for your travel plan. 😃

For your info, you may need to consider that your saving that stay static in saving account may gradually devalued by inflation.


Investment means invest in an performing securities , like stocks market, bond fund, property, commodity..etc and NOT money game which assure you and guarantee you profit in short time.

Just need to study before you pick the MOST suitable securities for yourself.

Having trouble in research, and wanted to begin your investment! You are always welcome to contact me for more assistance.

Link below is the inflation rate history for your info.