Imagine all the people

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realizing that if Crotter inc makes you an offer, your company is worth x times that over the years ... some seem to




starting may, lightweight entertainment only

we dont have an opinion

everythings GREAT!


It's really exciting to see that everythings great like that, isn't it, it means that everythings fine, so we're really excited about that :p


i heard grumpy cat sold postmorten as an nft too but i didnt check that

despite that


yesterday i felt like i was gonna like topple over and stay in bed for a week but this morning all fine

it "just happens" every two or three weeks, no reasons given by any gods or the universe so no doctor takes it seriously


and so ... lets see where the new steemcleaners end us up with steem by the end of the year then ... i'm SO excited to read that . misterdelegation and markymark v2.0 ... its bound to be exciting, im sure you remember some things from the last 4.5 years but

since we no longer have an opinion we have no opinion on that

lightweight entertainment only :)

yes hmm every little thing takes a bit outta of you and i know you take care of yourself and well the folks after two weeks they say are not radio active anymore:))) after digi passes the moon, theta and beyond everything's GREAT! :)))

it should be and the last thing we're gonna do is crusade. I learned a lot from Gabe Newell when reading about "the gabe way" ... be like water, i secured my assets last time , im gonna do some slow compos, hopefully one a week each for 30 days, most graphical maybe one small writing, for small prizes and keep my assets secured until i heave reassurance they fixed all that stuff from last time.
That way everything's great all the time lol - and funny too , mostly (from chad to mexico ... florida seems to take the beach head in the lashback which was bound to happen on that part but that is none of our concern is it)
i wouldnt even know the state of the state anymore - i got quite the dive into Mordheim , a game from 2014 thats all about masochism lol - not for iGamers and well ... we all know we're gonna be a while before if ever, even if most try to deny it worse than the holocaust.

So its best to have ice cream for desert before the hamstering starts

o wait ...

thats taboo too

(im practicing hard :D )

i hope to get a new chair in may b/c sitting here on the floor mouse & keyboard is more than just breaking my back . 10 minutes tops

and then all on a "see where it goes basis" ofcourse

hopefully to the moon but i cant find the token for that DIGI you talk about , what name is it listed on exchanges ?

ah, DGB : ) they did an airdrop here, right ? i swapped that for STEEM right away ... that must have been before it dropped below $3 , i see, from 0.01 to 0.16 in 6 months ... im gonna have to keep that in mind next month when i decide to do with my €50 ... Coinbase going public and all ... its nice but if you have one eth at 2000 and it goes up 1000% then you have 20.000 right, as opposed to 1000 of those things rising from 5 cents to 50 dollar ... early risk

i suppose

i think COINBASE ipo didnt do crypto prices any good b/c traditional and institutional diverted money from the coins to the shares and at $250 for starters and about $400 a few hours after its not for peasants and guttertrash so they might have cost us as much as the US cost us with rebooting the cold war ... we dont do politics ofcourse but still i wonder what defines a russia-linked bitcoin adress , if its like pointing at someone and saying COMMIE it might be bad lol ... coinbase seems to understand its responsibilities though, since making from money gets no one anything but the happy 15 trillion a year few.

This, ofcourse, is all way too heavy and not lightweight entertainment so let's say nothing happened, especially not between pakistan and france (lmao thats gonna get fireworks)

and everythings great, life is fabulous, people are awesome and the world is a nice place to live.

hallelujah !

Well , i think its earth day today, so : happy earth day !!!!

cardano took a bump too recently its sold as "green" and low-energy / carbon footprint so it might have an audience and its at around a dollar somewhere. If you think in thousands a month, not "a 50" then a 50 of that wont hurt lol - but you know its not like im warren buffet or anything, i dont even need 100 billion.

10 will do :)

yeah for sure haPPY Earthday :))) were still here to talk about it :)))