before we forget

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lockdowns everywhere, if my body wasnt hurting when i try to turn my head 1cm to the left or right it would be thoroughly enjoyable

I call it "stray alpha wave theory" . Lack of humans seems to quiet the mindstorm so, once there was this guy

who was gonna move to a place

but they told him to dream realistic

then gamedevs started shooting rockets to mars and drilling tunnels across a continent and what THEY said ... sounded like salems lot-shit

oh well

next life then (HAHAHAH)

at least we're busy


maybe its karma and the universe demands balance

if you want forgiveness dial 1-800-jesus , not me , i dont have that

yeayea, before the pro's with five ryzen and a 3090 SLI set start hacking away : it takes like 1 to 5 seconds for a brush stroke of the blender cloth brush to actually appear in my viewport ...

i dont need your explanations on how to, if i want them i will look them up, thanks :)

yea yea ... there's enough for one level and shit ... o dear ... never mind , if you feel addressed , however then please check your head

it will be in early access 500 years from now

unless you got me a 100 million so i can move to a livable place and start my own studio ?

in that case it will be done by 2150

(assuming you survive the winter, please dont infect me cos YOU feel its nothing , i got stuff to do)

uhuh uhuh

but im not

not a dev nor a pro or whatever the word of the day is

i'm a rank amateur hobbyist and ive been saying so at every turn, despite that, besos wants to steal everyone's everything all the time

how much do you want for free ?

NEVER MIND ... try to survive the winter , or maybe in some cases : do the planet a favour

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