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i essentially flip a coin to see what the coingod wants : tonight Unity or tonight strict basic ?

kinda weird since i had 15 unity's in a row but actually its not weird since you get an absolute equal chance (if you were to flip a flawless coin in a vacuum so to speak, otherwise the factors atm are beyond omega)

I find both be somewhat the reverse of eachother

basic i have like 12 assets and a few 1000 lines of code

in unity i have like close to 8gb folders and no code yet

flipping the head aint too hard but remembering what i put where in my spaghetti sometimes takes a minute

the proto is "Ordin Styre" (you could transliterate that after a fashion into guild master if you know written danish - which i dont) who will be the boss of the western tunnels trading company and also the "title here" of the city next to Synd Orm's Vill (also - i like it to be consistent)

spicey is spicey, know to the rest of the beach as "Orm Skaerer" due to something in the past and The Goldman

well he isnt available until the gold ring which is like four wards up

another 500 years for early access

i'm on it

mh yea, i use some stuff from oga to fill in gaps b/c the amount of assets and modelling needed would certainly warrant a full-time graphics artist(/team of those) for about 250 years of the release date , like the icons there, its a cc0 icon pack (i dont consider that a crime but paying comes with earning money, right ?)

so , maybe the E.U. can sponsor me a 100 million ?

its not like we couldnt use a big name here /chucklze

well Larian i hear is belgian ?

(who the hell would stay here witht a successful studio ???? theres like tons of places that must be 1000 times better to run a business, even in europe alone)

but larian isnt blizzard or E.A.

when i say "business to speak of i mean business to speak of"

(larian = cool tho , divinity and whatnot, BALDURS GATE sequal....) props and all that

but its folly , right ? how much can you keep on a copy after expenses and wages

and then taxes PLUS corporate tax in soviet helgium ?

€1 per copy maybe if you ask €60 ?

no clue

ANYWAY ... i seem to have this urge to express my love for belgium lately , it just comes out

pouring, like the rain here tends to do

m hmmm ...

no i think "CEO/Director" ... i think that would suit me

im sure i can find someone to do the talking outward while i do the directing internally

somewhere in one of my past 60 jobs


if the money's right you can always get the right people, so

100 million ?

anyone ?

going once ... Twice ..

yea, didnt think so ...

yasumi then