choet dann : introducing "Screener(s)"

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edit : i noticed, yes, a separate thumbs folder for the marked is in order ... will do
Nothing portrayed is relevant to anything or potentially representative of the finished product which is not a product at all but a work if you don't mind my french , all rights reserved and mostly unattainable. The current release date is estimated at around 1300 years from now , the first zone playable might be ready by 2150 and i think i can get the cutscene for "entry to the western tunnels" (coming from the beach) done in about 2 years by myself here :D

(been checking all that demoscene again and i, ofcourse, have no deadlines or obligations since i gave up on a future long ago and 2020 (not pandemic) is pretty much the year of no return to get anywhere i needed to be) ..)

that said :


(shotter) from your proverbial cutscene to be (unity)

Screenshot from 2020-10-28 05-11-14.png

i keep the shots on the site, accessible in the info section

via here :

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 03-38-01.png

then here,

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 07-00-31.png

here, here,

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 07-00-49.png

and here

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 07-00-58.png

most of the website will be phaser-heavy (perhaps 3js too but davey seems to be moving towards z-axis incorporation in the latest updates so by the time i get that far 3js might be obsolete lol) which , given my utter disregard for bandwidth, will make it not too phone-friendly in some places and cases but thats not the intention anyway - its "for pc" (not a product and so and bla)

but i thought id try to keep the info , faq and contact section html/css only (jquery unavoidable though since im not really into masochism and it IS 2020 after all, that thing is what ? 30 years old now?)

text-updates are scarce i keep those for if anything actually progressed - i am by no means a pro or "a dev" or any of that other self-titled titling , i am Jane's Underground and that is that

i'll drop some shots here once a week but i put them up on the site (the last 100) as it goes and i keep "marked" ones longer, the next up for the site is some kind of concept(-ish) renders section but i think i wanna do that phaser style too so its a bit snazzy and animated and

if nvidia permits itself to deliver that rtx card i will be divided even more since i can start checking unreal engine and unigine from there on

keeping busy has never been a problem ...

how i got stuck and am still here in this hole is still a riddle

i think its a curse or something :)

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