Internet Fixed, voters back up

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though i think i dont get less or perhaps even more delegating it out ... aftef all i need to make sure my huge fanbase stays on for the release in about

well i did some extra thinking and without a studio worth about 100 million and a whole crew i can probably finish it in about 950 years, ... early access in a manner i'm slightly satisfied with

In the meantime, i have discovered new levels of pain since 3 or 4 days ... something in my neck that wont budge and feels like an inflammation that goes from the left to the right side and back overnight. Getting like white hot jolts that blind an eye if i pull myself up to the side and i think i almost passed out a few times. My balance is off, maybe due to some kind of reach into my inner ear regions and the motorics in my right hand are not what they should be.

I'm not like spazzing (bad word i suppose? again ?) but they're just off

the ibuprofene works for about four hours ...

SO ... dont let that spoil your appetite and thanks for all the support (... ;-))


well it takes eh, ... i dont know exactly anymore ? x days to get the delegation back so it wil be voting at low power until then .. but at least my webz is fixed ...

i wish the steemprice would fix itself back up to $7 again too


i mean im like a vedett and a bit creative, totally physically and mentally defunct and i couldnt sell a bar of gold in low season without my marketing harem

but i see all these people here who have all these successful lives and real nice profile pictures ?

is yabapmatt and aggroed still the only ones who ever made money off of this thing ?

(i mean xept the witnesses who had dollar rain on them during high season while sleeping just for running an ode ?)

what's YOUR excuse ?

no, no offense, but truley .... i mean .. yea well never mind
unity is starting to show its colours to me , C# isn't rocket science but the 3d things is still a bit new there, i find the structure to be a lot like phaser where you get init(){ preload() create() update(this one loops) but its all on a per-object basis

(probably thats why c# not c+ thats all fresh syntax to me) i found some bits and something to make a first person view that can run and jump but this is mainly just a scene to see what unity can do for me, when i get it to a point im slightly satisfied with im certainly checking unreal engine (and or Unigine if, by then, i get my hands on an rtx 3080 OR ... depending on what amd announces 28th at 5pm CET ... i mean if they go llike YO we gonna underprice nvidia at half price but you get no raytracing but same fups ... then like F--- raytracing lol ofc, im a broke bum after all)

we shall see ... and then some

sitting at the keyboard in this position is a very bad idea so i'll leave it there AND

well , the washed-up beach is still the first zone so even if this works out the way it should the starting zone needs to finish first to have anything close to playable

ofourse, ... that part might be done in about 50 years (unless i get my studio and the money L M A O ... ))


enjoy merry christmas and all that ...

o yea

armistice ? right ?

gud that too

and stay clear of zombies they dont care if you try to not get infected they will eat you anyway


yes, i just realized while back in the kitchen : its actually ALSO per object in phaser b/c scenes are actually objects with stuff attached to it but in javascript in a browser

... which doesnt matter

to anyone

at all i suppose


right ...

dja ...

oh, but ...

(break from eating, see : if i swallow food or drink i get this nudge in the back of my head and neck, its ilke the muscles there have been tense for seven weeks in a row and every time its used i get a jolt of pain - you could do an icebucket challenger there figuring out what motion does NOT use a single muscle in your neck - i have found out there's not too many over the last few days)

i meant to say, the other thing is appgamekit and i want the forest and the dungeon to be either unigine or UE (by then maybe UE5 which would make opening up UE4 now a waste of time as much as it is to try unigine on a gt 710) and there's nothing object there, its kinda strict as it wont let you use variables out of the blue and all that and it feels very much like C++ routines pre-compiled into basic commandos for visualisation and automatisation as it has all the bitwise things and direct access to memory blocks or creating meshes straight from memory blocks (i suppose thats more like for what they call "enthusiast" coders or demoscene where you warp your own matrix in memory and then push it to the screenbuffer

but the lingo is still basic, i like it a lot really, i havent tried their visual editor yet b/c i just like it for its raw-ness, for a version of basic it feels pretty low-level ( = close to machine level) but ofcourse you have no way of optimizing routines unless you use your own C++ compiled plugins (and or other)

and so ... im gonna finish supper and lie down again

then hit the brufen tonight and try to get some more done


don't bother

they waste my teamplayer for life

all i can still be is the madman , the ceo (same thing) and the director

but THIS thing , is just something i like and i can do it while broke with no women around to try and get my sticky bits into ... (as if in my condition now ...)

i always liked doing that ... but it doesnt suit the place i grew up in

its not working and all that

but well, before i go dark

i'll go silent :)