My budding career as a hairdresser

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Although im not yet at the point where i go for "design your own girlfriend" i assume ill need characters with hair some time or another and thats a thing thats kinda hard to use cc0 models for ...

I was thinking "real" type for the avatars in dialogues and "anime" type for if i need in-game moving models (ever)

all night .. despite the pain, i must kinda remember i liked doing this



Screenshot from 2020-10-27 05-27-59.png

Screenshot from 2020-10-27 07-48-58.png

i really need to figure out how to make terrain textures work on vertical sides .. i just have too many of those and

"then just dont have those" is not an option , thats like saying "then just dont be you and pick that one trait we like and come over"

not happening

and , honestly , at the risk of repeating myself in the name of prevention (like people getting nasty cos they wont get what they want or they saw something thats not there and all that crud you get from people who were born with money and always get it either buy it or if it wont destroy it ? know the type?)

i am damaged goods , not for sale - neither is this game , it will very likely never be finished and if it ever is i cant sell it myself so the only solution is to win the lottery or for steem to reach bitcoin level dollarprices

otherwise im fucked for life :)


or if ... 9:11 .. hm , i would feel good if it werent for the fact that my body tells me im gonna regret this
getting caught up is fine when you're not fake from the painkillers


Ofcourse unity isnt THAT simple as to just drag & drop a shader on terrain to make it happen and


Long way from home, i guess practice makes better in most things but i think i see a reason why not ever to use polygon hair here ...


el-Pain ...

this was stupid