myah ... Not quite there yet

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Not good enough to move to Unreal Engine to see what that can do

it would be nice to have that triplanar thing - im still not sure how unity made it to a listed company status but i guess its all about the pitch, like twitter selling out without making one cent of profit and all that - which i will never do. Trying to incorporate something that says i cant use straight pbr materials. Free, since, as alluring as it is, spending hundreds or more on paid assets (tools) for a game that gets me nothing and which i'll probably never sell due to a lack of harem seems folly ... even in a world as mad as yours

the lighting looks funny too, like a sphere from a distance, no blending so i guess that's all manual too, anything above the quality of lego or minecraft will probably have you wondering "why didnt i start out with C++ from scratch"

but well, its nice doodling like that at least ...

As for the rest ? in een rand debielengat in een rand debielenlad waar iedereen moet bakkes voor een neger en een religieuze zot en wijken voor een vluchteling ?

Wel, i kinda wonder if there's any other country in the world that has five governments for 10 million people of which 500.000 have or have had corona by now

that would instate a curfew from midnight to 5 am and then leave all the street lights on (probably b/c electricity is free enough as the state has solar panels on the office roof or something)

anyone ?

ah ..

well : still AMD fx 4300 , GT 710 and 8 gb ram (on linux)

hm, yea, watching it, the framerate is better if not "good enough" while recording but the video seems to skip plenty, i guess somethings gotta give

eh, laat maar zitten ... 100 million euros ? i guess not, so there's no future then at this time of life

if anyone says "wow, good idea!" on that i'm gonna start wondering how many PhD's it takes in governing over the span of five government administrations before one braincell is formed to think a thought that might say "oh, forgot to turn off the lights on national level, didnt check the electricity bill there BUT THATS OKAY, we'll get some refugees to look good and get the rest to pay"

im somewhat NOT getting more agreeable on the matter apparently

eh, no

i read dune when i was like i dont know, somewhat after LOTR , must have been 9 or 10 years old, i still have that book, its IN there, with all the other books but i didnt start out like hey they do a dune movie lets spin off before the finish line

it just happened

and the movie's postponed til 21 anyway

and i doubt it will honour the book 100%


o wait, too much post for reward which i should not act in the expectancy of :)

i closed the twitter btw

there never was a facebook since fb wont let me back on, something that has to do with the local stalking i am sure


i will be closing as many current digital fingerprints as i can

but this gets a few percents of the yearly hosting cost , so probably not

even if i could


enjoy the wait , if the minxes in denmark turn out not to be a quick mass-murder scam to get state subsidies without having to sell

it might be a bit longer yet

and : no

i tried very hard with ipsos the VERY last time but they kept me hanging on with the promise of tomorrow and i tried about 4 years to find ANYTHYING to work from home, but

get some realistic goals, thats not possible

and then when they finally broke me and i dispersed into Jane's underground

in comes a little virus

but its truly NOT an option anymore, YOU would regret it, and subsequentl me, since you are a sore loser

thanks but no thanks in advance

the thyrapsis and buddha are cultural heritage cc0 models ... so we can credit the gods and some ancient stonemasons for that , Merytaten hasnt been imported yet but i want to get the terrain to look better and figure out something for the vertical stretching ... short of using meshes which .. since technically i understand how and why as 1 pixel is 1 pixel on a heightmap, you can't interpolate that over 300 or 800 units vertically (obvious reasons), i tried using one color texture but even that seems to give stripes and the triplanar maps i have found so far leave very disappointing results on the "standard" terrain sections (the thyrapsis cargo rig, (+gear, driver , watcher and armour will ofcourse not be and evolutionary speaking , living there they would not have the original colours either)

keeping busy will never be a problem, even if this lasts till 2050 (and by then we have surpassed sustainability so that would probably solve everything at once in a very short few years for all except the protectorate)

this is actually the very small section where the washed-up beach (name pending) moves to the western tunnels, which is an underpass (about 250km - i took the alps for reference as size) under the mountain and comes out near to "the mudpits" which lies at the edge of "the forest down-below" (name pending)

that alone should last me til 2050, the issue also is that it wont let me put terrain heigher than 800 units , i use scale for ref : 1 Unity-it = 1 meter, i thought it would go a bit further than 800 upward , maybe it can and i havent found yet

so thats why the edges are all plateaus

they should be rising mountains and the sky behind shouldnt be visible, so im not sure some optical illusion with a skybox would give a convincing representation of that

and as said, when fairly happy with the "hmmm so this is what i get from unity as a total lamer ("lay"-"man") i want to try UE and unigine (which for one thing at least cleams true 64bit and has physical moving clouds in the sky but certainly refuses to give more than 5fp on my current hardware)

SO - im good till 2100, i just need a few million for my stem-cell therapy so i dont wither away by then


it's still micro-splatting the one terrain tile i selected

two+ hours but i'll leave it on

its an old cpu and i dont know what to expect on processing times in a lot of cases really

maybe when i wake up it says "SPLATTED!"


otherwise its not 8 but 3 textures per terrain type and a shitload of hassle to combine them in gimp (it can be done putting this and that in the right channels on those and such and so ... its messy


maybe the paid unity version is less messy

i dont know

i wont know either probably

but theres always euro millions hahaha


day is dawning

skin's crawling

coffin calling

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