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she has a name at least

Nephti who ?

"just Nephti", like just Gandalf




i'm getting this minecraft-vibe here


but considering the time it takes to do a 250 frame simulation on my rig, well


Supposed to be something closer to an evil vampire / sorceress but i'll assume for the time being that evil witches are more efficient if you don't see them coming b/c you're thinking omg, cinderella !


its ...

its telling me blender 2.9 will be "ryzen only" elite crowd ..., i think thats what its trying to tell me

those top shelf ryzen cost more than i have in a year currently, heh

SO ... anyone know good banks to rob, even THAT is made impossible here, banks just dont have cash anymore


yea but i WANT the lower fringe to be like that (somewhat one-piece rimmish) and if i put smooth shading on the frock it slides from her shoulders (i didnt know that affected physics) and she stands naked after 40 frames (its not hung by points or anything - its total evil trickery and wizballsen but it works ... the idea is that if i can get anything close enough i can fit it through proxy and take it from there)

since i can only draw stick figures by hand i am left to the power of computing