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I think i could get there somewhere ... models with hair and clothes




not really used for anything but with a bit of trinkets maybe something to use on the site

although im gonna be hard pressed to do that scantly-clad and swimsuit thing for runtime since i dont see why anyone would wear a bikini in the wasteland as a very hostile environment, they would save that for when back home in their seat of power i suppose

i also realized :

microshyte and friends will

  1. make an announcement

  2. release maybe 3 to 4 teasers and trailers that are used ALL across every single convention and event during the whole period of development

  3. start the tweeting bombardment AFTER release ...

then again : they're microshyte, all the have to is drop a million of those copper pieces that were weighing down the pocket and the hype is on :p

What a week of painkillers and a month of healthy lockdown can do ... its quarter to ten lol i realize my eyes are hurting now

makes it todays bottleneck

thats where you go "KEEP GOING"

like "GO UNTIL YOURE BLIND!" and stuff

i think not

anyone seen my marketing harem yet ?

they're asian, pretty, smart, excell at sales and p.r. and all think i'm the next Charlie Catson ?


gods dam' ....

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