Screeners : di vuil ploeëster chotfertomme ! beginj mo te plekken

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Well now ... as long as the pandemic quiet keeps i guess i can get in a few hours without 60 interrupts per second to my head


(shotter) from your proverbial cutscene to be (unity)

Much to say about everything , i keep the screenshots on the site accesible as shown below (scroll down = ) . That's the last 100 shots i made, which sometimes moves fast since i'm gnawing on something and sometimes not since screenshotting a screen of code just aint it.
Here , dear students one can see how UV projection is really important and why blender isnt unity and vice-versa. It looks a drilled hole in the rock due to the texture like this its hard to even see the blocks that are sticking out where the stairs, ladders and trolley (is that the right word?) platform need to be. While on the other side one could say : "i sculpt dat-a**" but in fact if you take flat planes connected with a deep normal it looks EXACTLY like the bricks i want with about 10k less vertices to it.

That concludes the class, that'l be $3000 for this month and its almost holiday so please enjoy the lockdown parties and dont forget to hug your mommy when you get home. Darwin will sort you out, thats not my job

some video from the place where i keep all my subscribers :

i dont keep these indefinitely , just like the screenshots, except the ones i wanna keep that is ...

original text and reply here , , that expires in ... forgot - long enough assuming i think the max period someone would read anything in most cases unless specifically digging for intel or tutes

i keep the shots on the site, accessible in the *info* section

via here :

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 03-38-01.png

then here,

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 07-00-31.png

here, here,

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 07-00-49.png

and here

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 07-00-58.png

yea, i still have that "get your nvidia nano jetson kit now for €60 ...." its like "tempting but money and" where do i even plug that thing in and what does it actually do ?


fine then ...

is for losers *Commander Gato*

ah yea ... its not a statement, its just something someone had lying around , one for every day of the year ... i still dont know what to do with it so i guess i'll stake them - i'll take it and rejoice , maybe next week i open up and find JST in my wallet ?

maybe then vitalsky and block larrimer get so jealous they dump eth and eos in my wallet ?

i fail to see how more is worse so i guess more is better #thanks !!!!

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