Seven days no talking and it was not the salmon mousse btw

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the script works fine

you know ... never did this, start to doubt yourself after a while like wtf ? but the script seems to just work fine -
so what is it that makes it not in the fabulous no-coding (but with scripts) environment?

close conundrums of the third kind :)

i'm sorry, i must be stuck in the dark ages or something

naw - im going for "seven days no online postings" starting


-- i dont wanna do this but, realitycheck (they will get embarrassed and subsequently take it out on me)

meneer-de-ministerfonds ... , can i have those 100.000 euros ?

??? u crazy ??? that's for the whole SECTOR for the whole country for the year

owh ... u living in the dark ages ?


i mean, with that i think i can manage to develop 1 to 5% of the game i want, if everyone works real hard for a year and brings their own hardware to the no-office and works from home on their own internet and electricity bill, and if i dont pay myself i can hire 4 people

for one year ...

"reality check" ...

on the console ? no on the pc, buy yourself a game, like i dunno, soulcalibur or even plague tale (minor studio) and check the credits roll and see how many names are on there

if you dont mind

before YOU get embarrassed and i have to pay the price

seven days of no postings - i need it for my epic - im also practicing no talking to the walls but you make that really hard

not even sarcasm for once ...

i'm absolutely pro-wrestling with exporting the model from blender to unity , inside seems to be outside on the inside of the backside at the moment but i found one honest answer on a forum regarding the subject that pretty much came down to "just make it look good" :)

instead of "click this 1-2 et voila"

yes yes kids ...

yes yes

i think the 100k would be better spent on prizemoney for demo-compos to find the next 9 year old coding genius

that sounds about a realistic amount to organize events like that , maybe even more than one yearly

but not quite for "the sector" ... i assume they didnt consult larian or anything on the matter

but well

seven days of no talk

it really starting to feel dangerous to talk about belgium lately

all the embarrasment is looking for scapegoats

and i already been one

... yes, no, plz, no

i KNOW, software engineers and designers might expect to earn more than €1200 a month (you need to double+ for the cost of labour here at least once) but for the sake of mental healthy i was hoping to not shock them straight from 1830 into 2020 in one go

and see, its a real bad time for sarcasm

i dont wanna be a goat

just the cat

nooooooo !!

i'm sure i went over that "just a game" bit earlier

this very year, microsoft, one of the lords of hell bought zenimax (bethesda) for 7.5 BILLION dollar - its their third biggest acquisition ever, right after skype and linkedin (or do you think they still do anything themselves other than windows?)

and that's the size and current economic importance of "just a game"

in 2020


i can feel the scapegoathunters creeping already

they're gonna want some, believe you me

its been WAY too bad in 2020 and you can bet yow-ass the lords of mordor will not take the blame

i have spoken


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