when it comes down to vertex-level

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Massive intrest being what it is since (i know what to write, ive been here for four years-ish, i just cant do "not me")

those who like to read can read it on youtube

As for the rest yes , drawbridge, its a hostile environment where you dont just get dust storms but actual dirt storms (higher particle density with bigger chunks) and hailstorms during season - out of the blue coming up in very short time so it needs to be able to shut fast
Thik stone houses are perfect but not if they have holes in them so a woven-grass door or something wont hold it, some of the dirt will just cut through it during heavy storms

HENCE : drawbridge .. modelling the chains and pulley will be another matter

and so and such, im still considering holding all posts on the game until actualy release in 500 years from now

its the time-reward ratio

its not like i tweet or facebook either

no offense ofcourse


as for my diary : i had a very shitty day in a place i hate since i was 15, my only joy is my one remaining cat and it has been like that for over ten years and i expect no change soon, but the pandemic has been a blessing with the lockdowns making things quiet

SO ... ?

see ?

not much to say otherwise


steer clear of zombies

lol ?

yea ... lol ... fotoreal is nice and AAA+ is nice but as stated : it takes microsoft with microsoft money two years and counting working with 200 people on their Skyrim-killer game

and this is me : defunct nutcase, i am not in the slightest embarrassed by the fact that i havent done this for the past 20 to 30 years ...

if i had any kind of actual artistic talent i wouldnt go for earth-lush, id go for alien Don Lawrence meets Jack Vance anyway

... nuff said is too much, see ?

im not nagging about the low returns here, im just wondering to my self wether the time is not better spent pixelling and voxelling the terrain since while im doing this

im not doing that

(and its not voxels i presume and im not sure if voxels would do b/c then you get lego-class games like minecraft (afaik) unless unigine ? but im not sure how theirs works since it seems to be affected by gravity in the terrain digger demo

(voxel = volumetric pixel, its like a 3d cube i.o. a dot on your flat screen , e.g. minecraft et all , i think first mentioned somewhere around Peter Molyneux, black & white and all that, back when even i was younger than the world)

et al ...

PoB ?

mwell, i tried ... plenty of everything

im just not mister handshake-)day :))

if its worth it and i have a playable game there be contests but until then im not sure

(i know contests always drag in since even 1 steem seems to be enough, you dont get really interested people, they just come for the free grub but as a matter of exposure it helps, you still need a marketing harem to do the talking if you're dysfunctional)

i KNOW ... after all

i am one of Freyja's cats ... i sit on the roof and i see