Why this will take 1200 years to develop

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First of all bitchslap myself for stopping to post a post about it and waste more time of my precious time after dark when ZeroDesign and Syntax Error surface in this hostile environment.

Second ... my niece, who is the daughter of my cousin has studied graphic design, a novelty in soviet helgium as i understand its no longer about pencil and paper . My cousin, who is the son of my niece is starting studies in VFX which is afaik unheard of . I tihnk they must have put up the school as a franchise during the pandemic commotion before anyone noticed the heresy of modern times.

And that's great for them, i'm rooting with four thumbs !!!

As to me, im grateful for youtube and the fact that my c64 had a power cartridge and there was no youble so all i could do ever was figure it out myself since i was the only one who used that thing ever to do some programming. BUT

computers = evil and it gets you no real job and so

... here we are

despite that

getting a very very very simple model from blender to unity already seems to need a small phd in flipping

Screenshot from 2020-11-20 04-37-06.png

and on top of that splitting to get the texture to look somewhere close to where you want it

Screenshot from 2020-11-20 04-35-17.png

i'm sure the pro's who do your wife in five minutes on youtube can do this in three. However, since i'm a rank amateur it takes ZeroDesign quite some time . I just thought up the massive idea of splitting the mesh and using separate mats since i dont see any other way. The thing looks like a giant drill drilled it , spiralling inside, which is a nice effect

but not what i want

and so ...

900 years to develop + 300 now to flip the normals and get the textures in place

first zone in early access by 2150 and

the cutscene when moving from the beach to the tunnels in about two years

you would say so, looking at angry flapping birds on youble

i dare say its not an exaggeration as it wasn't too uncommon for a demo-CREW to work on one demo for 8 months or maybe a year before release

and so

don't wait up for it

ofcourse, if i find my 100 million and start up

things might go faster :D

for more tutorials ?

well there's zounds online, your main issue will be "which one applies to 2020" and for most people thats 2019 since they'er not using 2020

#unity - i'm starting to think UE and Unigine will be closer to what i need but so far i think i'll use all four

keeping busy is important when your life got wrecked and there's no future left

someone said mentions ... im not sure since its spammy

thanks and props to (in no particular order and for either support , content or both ?)

@ darsico, ecoinstant, ecoinstats, steembasicincome, updooter, solairitas, papa-pepper, wakeupkitty, penderis, flemingfarm, ganjafarmer, meloo182, thetroublenotes, freedompoint, freedomtowrite and plenty but im sure you can click and im not sure who is on steem or hive or both

and with this, i already regret wasting 30 minutes lol

gud gud gud ... (gud ... ) lets hope this lockdown lasts another year b/c i fear the moment the noise returns my head and brains will slam shut again in this hellhole

hm ...

well, if you wanna do it like a broke bum should i suggest you check :

#linux mint (cinnamon / xfce ), #blender, #gimp, #lmms, #apache, #lighttpd, #unity, #potomac computer systems (hehhe), #unigine (might be an issue for american patriots, not sure) , #cc0textures (and others but i mainly go there atm), #opengameart (very nice to fill the gaps until you get the model or to use for sub and minigames and general therapeutic busykeeping) , #phaser , #tiled and and and , #geany, #sublime, #appgamekit , and and and .. certainly more

thats all free and i do this on a pc with 8gb ram, an amd fx 4300 and a nvidia gt 710 (the main reason why i havent booted U.E. and unigine yet)

so the "my adobe pc needs 128 gb to boot windows AND notepad" so i need more first is not really an excuse

actually id say "if you cant do it in 64kb you never should be allowed a phd in computer science" but i cant myself so far (grins ...) but ofcourse

i dont even have a hi school degree (lmao)

some of these people are one-man armies, like Richard Davey from photonstorm (on twitter) / phaser and Bjorn from tiled, some of these people are billionnaires with a small country for a team, some of these are alien-class geniuses close to einsteind like torvalds (with a pottymouth)

but they certainly show it can be done

if i could just find ONE who has done it in belgium

there might be hope for the future


who- and whatever i forgot to mention : if you're not here you're certainly in my dark heart somewhere, im not too good at this, its why it will never work without my harem

and so ...

(oh : appgamekit aint free ... sorry )

i personally like appgamekit a lot btw, nothing of that visual crud but the doodling in unity is quite addictive

i got 8:15 syndrome , the boys are next door arriving to fix the neighbours kitchen .. its like those people are supporting half the economy by themselves renovating and extending every month . Must be nice ... if you like living here, that is

im gonna throw in the towel before my body tells me to, 2 days of training doesnt seem to fix much but sore muscles and i dont wanna regret

i used to wonder a lot : "what if they didnt shard me into 1000 people and if they didnt break my head into something interrupted more than a c64 at a demo party" "what if i still were the guy with 150 people in his phone" "WHAT IF ... i wasnt born in van drukkerland hellgium"

but i dont do that anymore - its pointless anyway


most people dont believe "about belgium" since they see only making excuses and what not, so tell me 5 succesful living belgians and 5 global belgian companies (other than FN herstal , which is actually owned by one of the governments) - then name me more than two billionnaires who started from zit and then name me more than two who didnt end up in jail and so and such

i think texturing in unity is a separate professor in a separate class, i get the bricks but not the middle bit and the lights, the pointlights are horrible, there yellow transparent spheres ...

this is far from over

unless schools do it like schools usually do, give you four years of pointers then throw you at the lions

not my problem anymore

If anyone knows someone at pixar or something

i would like a tutorial on "how to do THIS" in five minutes "by Pixar", you can have my blend file and from there put it up in unity all quads flipped the right direction and textures looking how they should

in five minutes ...


i would be much obliged :)

yasumi then

not much i guess they already started drilling the walls, who in his right mind chooses to live in an appartment or a semi-attached house anyway ?

.... nevermind sigh etc

i think the gnomes will have suggestions again since i seem to be able to do something (while alone in my ivory tower at night during a pandemic and everything quiet for miles around)